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Dahmen / Sauer Pyrolysis Oil
Deutschmann Numerical Modeling of Reversible Proton Conducting and Oxide Conducting Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Grunwaldt Evaluation and Development of Ugrading Methods for bioliq-Condensates
Dittmeyer Dehydrogenation of cyclic hydrocarbons - Evaluation of microstructured reactor concepts for hydrogen- and heatstorage purposes
Schaub Speicherung erneuerbarer elektrischer Energie in flüssigen Kohlenwasserstoffen
Sauer Multifunktionale nanopartikulare Katalysatoren als Modellsysteme für die Synthesegaschemie
Grunwaldt Methanation of CO2: Insight into mechanism and catalyst stability under dynamic reaction conditions
Sauer Emissionssenkende Dieselkraftstoffadditive auf Basis von Oxymethylenethern
Wöll Investigations of Interactions between Molecules and Single Crystal Oxide Surfaces in the Context of Catalysis and Photocatalysis
Roesky New Lanthanide Borohydride Complexes
Grunwaldt Selective Oxidation of Propene
Deutschmann Numerical modeling and simulation of catalytic total and partial oxidation of methane over palladium catalysts
Grunwaldt Spatially Resolved Studies in Microreactors
Dittmeyer Hydrogenation of aromatics in microstructured reactors - Reaction and reactor optimizing for heat release and hydrogen storage
Dittmeyer Thin Film MOFs (SURMOFs) for Separation and Catalysis Application
Behrens Sythesis of novel catalytic materials for the direct synthesis of H2O2