Helmholtz Research School Energy-Related Catalysis

Program and Aims

The aim of the Research School is to bring together PhD students at KIT who do research in the field of energy-related catalysis. Therefore we want to give students a broad overview over the theoretical fundamentals and experimental methods in the field of catalysis. Together with our cooperation partners we offer a network for young professionals who are aiming at carreers in industry and academia.

We follow the concept of a structured PhD program by offering mandatory and extra-curricular lectures and laboratory courses. Each member will be guided by two supervisors in order to give every student the opportunity to graduate within three (maximum: four) years.

Summer Schools

The main event every year is a summer school to be held in a location outside the KIT for 3 - 5 days. The students are supposed to work together on the fundamentals of energy-related catalysis. Wthin a three-year rotation scheme, every principal investigator will contribute a part of the ring lecture during the summer school. To bring in external expertese, speakers from other universities are invited. In addition, an excursion to facilities of industrial partners is part of the program.

Winter Workshops

During the winter break, a workshop (2 - 3 days) is offered, where the topics are organized by the students themselves.

Laboratory Courses

Students teach students: Every member of the school is supposed to organize a lab course. In this (typically) half day assignment, the other members should get an impression of the methods and facilities used, e.g. by conducting a small experiment or getting explained the fundamentals of the expermental techniques and their application.   


Students are invited to join the colloquia of the participating institutes for all talks on energy-related catalysis.   

Transferable Skill Courses

The Research Schools of the Helmholtz Association offer in cooperation with Imperial College, London:

  • 1st year: Research Skill Development Course
  • 2nd year: Presentation and Communication Skill Course
  • 3rd year: Career and Leadership Course

Research Visits

It is our intent to support PhD students to do research visits at partner universities and in industry. Every memeber can apply for travel funding for 1 - 3 months.  


We also want to enable students to become part of their scientific community. Therefore, the participation in major national and international conferences is supported.  


Each PhD candidate should have at least one publication in peer-reviewed international journals prior to submission of their thesis. We highly support interdisciplinary publications involving members from different groups.