Matthias Hettel

Matthias Hettel

Research Interests

Modelling and Numerical Simulation of reactive and non-reactive Flows

Some Examples:


Flows without reaction

  • unsteady laminar flows
  • unsteady turbulent flows

Flows with gasphase reactions

  • Steady-state laminar premixed flames
  • Unsteady laminar diffusion flames and soot formation
  • Steady-state turbulent premixed flames
  • Steady-state turbulent diffusion flames
  • Unsteady turbulent premixed flames
  • Pyrolysis and combustion of wood

Flows with surface reactions

  • Catalytic partial oxidation of methane in a monolith

Fluidized bed reactors

  • Two-zone fluidized bed reactor

Other topics

  • Unsteady heat transfer problems
  • Numerical mathematics