Welcome to the Emission Control Group

Due to the stricter emissions regulations, further improvement of the catalytic exhaust gas aftertreatment systems represents a high priority for numerous sectors ranging from transportation, industry, energy production to households. For all cases, the ultimate goal of attaining near-zero pollutant emissions can be achieved only through a comprehensive understanding of the catalytic process. Additionally, a more efficient use of expensive catalyst components, i.e. noble metals, as well as inovative catalyst formulations are equally important. In this context, our research focusses on catalyst develpment, in depth characterization and systematic testing. Different exhaust gas aftertreatment catalysts applied for mobile and stationary sources have been studied over the past years, including diesel oxidation catalysts, three-way catalysts, NOx removal catalysts as well as soot and VOCs oxidation catalyst.

Our research is conducted in close collaboration with other research centers and industrial partners within the Exhaust Gas Center Karlsruhe. The team is currently located at the Institute for Chemical Technology and Polymer Chemistry, as part of the Chair in Chemical Technology and Catalysis.