History of the Institute

The history of the "Institute for Chemical technology and Polymer Chemistry" starts in the year 1872, when the "Chemische -Technische Institut was founded. In 1921, it was renamed to "Institute for Chemical Technology". Later, an additional chair for macromolecular chemistry at the institute was created in 1965. In 1967, a new institute (Polymer-Institut) was founded.

In 2002, the institute changed the location. The old building located at the Ehrenhof (B. 11.30, see pic at the right) needs to be restorated. The institute is now located in a new building (B. 11.21, see pic at the left) and another building (B. 11.23) at the main campus of the university.



In January 2004, the Institute of chemical technology and polymer chemistry was founded by the fusion of the technical chemistry and the polymer chemistry. The new institute comes with four professorships, two of them located in each division.

Details of the history of the institute can be found in the "History board" below. Here the history of the institute (upper half) is connected to the history of whole the chemistry (lower half) in Karlsruhe. Here you can view a PDF of this board, the original board is placed in the first florr in building 11.21.





Geschichtstafel des Institutes ITCP und der Chemie in Karlsruhe