DAten aus PHotonen und Neutronen-Experimenten (DAPHNE)

Eine Inititiative in der Nationalen Forschungsdateninfrastruktur

Photon and neutron scattering is applied in many scientific fields. Individual experiments generate millions of files, in some cases up to 1 PB per week. Current technical developments are strongly influencing the user community. Data volumes are increasing, thanks to faster and more precise detectors, and data are available in different formats (heterogeneity). DAPHNE4NFDI brings together universities, users and operators of large-scale photon and neutron research facilities and develops common solutions with them.

Main goals of DAPHNE4NFDI

  1. Improve metadata collection through consistent workflows supported by user-driven online logbooks linked to data collection, enabling more comprehensive collection of information about experiments than is currently possible;
  2. Establish a collaborative repository of processed data, new reference databases, and analysis code for published results, linked to raw data sources where possible, to sustainably improve access to research data and enable reuse of data and software;
  3. Development, maintenance, and deployment of user-developed analysis software on institutional infrastructure so that ordinary users can benefit from and replicate analyses performed by leading user groups through shared data analysis portals.

More information on DAPHNE4NFDI is available here.

AK Grunwaldt in DAPHNE4NFDI

We are addressing TA2: (Meta)Data Repositories and Catalogues and TA4: Dissemination and Outreach.