polymer practical course - script and literature

Script for the practical course

The script contains the necessary theoretical background and a detailed description of each experiment. Each student will receive a copy of this script, but it is available only in german. Please download it from the german version of this page.


The script contains the necessary theoretical background in a short version. Here are several suggestions for textbooks with more detailed background and some more practical books:

  • B. Tieke: „Makromolekulare Chemie", 2. Auflage, Wiley-VCH, Weinheim (2005);
  • M.D. Lechner, K. Gehrke, E.H. Nordmeier: „Makromolekulare Chemie“, 3. Auflage Birkhäuser Verlag, Basel (2003);
  • J.M.G. Cowie, v. Arrigi: „Polymers: Chemistry and Physics of modern Materials", Taylor and Francis (2007);
  • K.-F. Arndt, G. Müller: "Polymer Charakterisierung", München, Hansen (1996);
  • D. Braun, H. Cherdron, H. Ritter: „Praktikum der Makromolekularen Stoffe“, Wiley-VCH, (1999);
  • H.G. Elias: „Makromoleküle“, 6. Auflage, 2 Bde. Hüthig, Basel (1999);
  • J.M.G. Cowie: „Chemie und Physik der synthetischen Polymeren“, Vieweg (1997);
  • P. Munk: "Introduction to Macromolecular Science, Wiley (1989);
  • B. Vollmert: "Grundriß der makromolekularen Chemie", 5 Bde. in Kassetten, E. Vollmert-Verlag, Karlsruhe (1988);