Polymeric Materials (Institute for Technical Chemistry and Polymer Chemistry)

Polymer Chemistry at the KIT

At the university of Karlsruhe, the specific field of macromoleculare chemistry exists since 1965. The research interests focus on the synthesis as well as on the characterization of polymers. Another focus of interest are the application properties of polymers in industrial applications. 

The research in the professorship "polymeric materials" is focused on characterization and on application properties of polymeric materials. The professorship "preparative macromoleculare chemistry (new field group)" concentrates on synthesis of polymers. The expertise of both groups is used to develop new polymeric materials.


Prof. Wilhelm
Polymeric Materials
Prof. Barner-Kowollik
Preparative macromolecular chemistry

(New Field Group)
The resarch interests focus on method development in rheology, specifically "FT-Rheology" and the rheological characterization of polymeric materials. One special topic in this field is the influence of different topologies on the rheological characteristics of polymers. Therefore, Anionic synthesis of defined topologies is a fundament of our scientific work.
Other areas of interest are low-field nmr and novel detection systems for size exclusion chromatographie.
The group's research areas range from living free (radical) polymerization methods ((ATRP, NMP, ESCP, RAFT, NMP, TKMP, ROP, ROMP) and the design of complex macromolecular architectures to mass spectrometric studies on polymer systems. An important focus is on the development of novel controlling protocols as well as modular orthogonal conjugation chemistries applied to macromolecular construction. The synthetic efforts are ultimately directed at the generation of nano- and micro-structured functional soft matter materials. Further research areas include reaction mechanisms and kinetics.