Cralo Botha Nico Dingenouts

Carlo Botha

  • Doktorand

    MZE, Geb. 30.48, Raum 302
    Am Forum 7
    76131 Karlsruhe

  • phone: 41401 o. 41402
  • Research areas:

    SFB 1176

    Combination of SEC and NMR-spectroscopy
    The aim of the project Q1 in the SFB 1176 is the development of a new characterization method allowing full and quantiative acces to all polymer properties (chemical constitution, size, polydispersity, fucntional groups) in one simultaneous experiment. It is based on Size-exclusion-chromatographier (SEC), these method will be combined with new chemiscal sensitive detecors, one of them NMR Spectroscopy