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Job Openings

We have recently built up new and exciting catalysis activities including physico-chemical characterization at KIT and synchrotron radiation sources. Our field of interests are exhaust gas catalysis, Power-to-Chemicals, selective oxidations, biomass conversion and sustainable chemistry (see also: Link). Are you searching for a challenging scientific work in the field of

- Technical chemistry, chemical engineering

- Inorganic solid state chemistry

- Physical chemistry, synchrotron radiation or microscopy?

Do not hesitate to contact us (grunwaldt∂kit.edu). Especially, if you are interested in interdisciplinary research or f you want to conduct a bachelor, master or Ph.D. thesis .

Please feel welcome to send us your application or ask us concerning

- Ph.D. thesis

- postdoctoral studies

- guest scientist



Recent, present and future announcements on the KIT homepage:

Novel heterogeneous catalysts for the synthesis of biomass based platform chemicals (Link)

Design and Characterization of heterogeneous catalysts for the synthesis of higher alcohols (Link)

Characterization of novel materials and catalysts by in situ X-ray microscopy and related synchrotron radiation based techniques (Link)

Exhaust gas aftertreatment (in preparation)

Synthesis of novel heterogeneous catalysts for the sustainable production of chemicals and fuels (Link)

Characterizing new exhaust gas catalysts unter applied operation conditions (Link)