Specifications Overview


Energy range

3.1 keV – 60 keV

Energy resolution (dE/E)

Si(111) 1x10-3; Si(311) 1x10-4
theoretical values)


Wiggler 2.5 T (40 poles,  48 mm period length, 15 mm vacuum gap)


Vertically collimating Si mirror with Rh/Pt coatings
with Si(111) and Si(311) LN2 cooled crystal pairs, fixed exit
Toroidal focusing Si mirror with Rh/Ir coatings

Beamsize at sample position

approx. 1 mm (hor) x 1mm (vert)  below 35 keV with mirrors
above ~ 35 keV mirrorless operation

Flux at sample position

Currently further optimized (2nd phase of commissioning)

Experimental station

3 ionization chambers for XAS in transmission mode
combined XRD-XAS setup with MediPix Detector
combined IR-XAS  setup with DRIFTS spectrometer
of detector for X-ray fluorescence measurements planned

Sample environment

sample cells and infrastructure for experiments under reaction conditions (reactive gas supply and gas dosing units, liquid phase, high pressure, high temperature)

More information

CATACT Beamline Characteristics


  • 18 periods, K = 12, magnetic field > 2.5 T, length 2.5 m
  • energy range 3.1 - 60 keV, high flux (total power ~ 5kW)
  • access to absorption edges of higher Z elements (Pd)
  • high sensitivity → low concentrated samples (promotors), dynamic systems