Polymeric Materials (Institute for Technical Chemistry and Polymer Chemistry)

Arbeitsgruppe Prof. Wilhelm - Group of Prof. Wilhelm

The group of Prof. Wilhelm at the group seminar in Rastatt in September 2018
Nico Dingenouts

Older Pictures of the group:


picture date group place
AK Prof. Wilhelm Sept 2018 KIT, AK Prof. WIlhelm Rastatt, Group Seminar
Sept 2016 KIT, AK Prof. Wilhelm Hohenwart Forum, Pfozheim
Nov 2015 KIT, AK Prof. Wilhelm KIT
Sept 2014 KIT, AK Prof. Wilhelm Heidelberg, Youth Hostel
Gruppe Trifels 2012 Sept 2012 KIT, AK Prof. Wilhelm Trifels, Palatinate
Sept 2011 KIT, AK Prof. Wilhelm Trifels, Palatinate
Juli 2010 KIT, AK Prof. Wilhelm KIT, Ehrenhof
Sept 2008 KIT, Prof. Wilhelm +
Prof. Barner-Kowollik
Flehingen, external seminar of the instute
Juli 2007 KIT, AK Wilhelm University
Dez 2006 KIT, AK Wilhelm University
April 2006 MPI, Mainz, Ak Wilhelm MPI