Polymeric Materials (Institute for Technical Chemistry and Polymer Chemistry)



The group focuses on polymeric materials, their molecular structure and the resulting macroscopic material properties. In addition, the enhancement of characterisation techniques builds the base of our research. An important part are the synthetic capabilities of the group allowing to structure well-defined polymers with variable composition of monomers and controlled topology. Model systems are a prerequisite to study structure-property relationships.

Additional information on our research can be found here.


Sommersemester 2020

All Informations for Teaching in Sommersemester 2020 in the group of Prof. Wilhelm you can find here (only german version in detail)


You are interested in synthesis of polymers, characterisation methods or even the development of such methods? You want to work in an interdisplinary group ranging from synthical chemists over physicists to engineers?

HiWi, student research project, PhD thesis or postdoc? Here you find more Information!

SLS/DLSNico Dingenouts
New Equipment

Static and Dynamic Light Scattering : Fully equipped system from ALV, Germany allows characterization of colloids and polymer in solution in arbitrary solvents.

Alumni 2019

The 7th meeting of alumni, friends and cooperation partner of the group of Prof. Wilhelm took place on September, 13th. More than 80 participants got informed about the actual scientific work either via presentations or labtours and personal discussions.

Title PicturePolym Chem
New Article

Congratulations to Mr. Botha for the new paper about the hyphenation of SEC and NMR.
Download the Titlepage or visit the Journal (Polymer Chemistry). Please see also the full list of publications of our group.

Laval University
Successfull Ph.D. defence

Congratulation to V. Hirschberg: He finished successful his joint Ph.D. at Laval University and the KIT.

CoverpageMacromol. Chem. Engineering
Coverpage Macromol. Chem. Engineering

Latest article about applications of combined methods on crystallising polymers [Raentzsch et al., 2019] achieved a coverpage in Macromol. Chem. Engineering

SoR HoustonSoR
Poster Price

Congratulations to Valerian Hirschberg, he recieved the 2nd Price in the poster competition at the 90th Annual Meeting of the Society of Rheology (SoR) in Houston. See also the Rheology Bulletin of January 2019.