Dr. Claudiu Dem

  • Postal address:
    Institute for Chemical Technology and Polymer Chemistry
    Engesserstr. 20
    Campus South Bldg. 11.21
    76131 Karlsruhe

Education/ Degrees


PhD in Nature Sciences, Julius Maximilians University, Würzburg (Dr. rer.nat.)
Thesis: “Design and construction of a device for light scattering studies on airborne particles”

1999: Master Degree in Physics, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
1998: Diploma in Physics (Dipl.-Phys.Ing.), Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Work History

07/2015-12/18 Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Institute for Chemical Technology and Polymer Chemistry
07/08 – 04/14 German Aerospace Center, Institute of Combustion Technology
01/04 – 07/08 University of Jena, Institute of Physical Chemistry
10/99 – 12/03 University of Würzburg, Institute of Physical Chemistry

Research Interests

Laser diagnostic; Raman Spectroscopy; Raman and Mie scattering from microparticles and droplets; Optics; Laser Physics.


C. Dem, M. Stöhr, C.M. Arndt, A.M. Steinberg, W. Meier: Experimental Study of Turbulence-Chemistry Interactions in Perfectly and Partially Premixed Confined Swirl Flames, Z. Phys. Chem., 229(4) (2015) 569-595.

C.M. Arndt, M. Severin, C. Dem, M. Stöhr, A.M. Steinberg, W. Meier: Experimental analysis of thermo-acoustic instabilities in a generic gas turbine combustor by phase-correlated PI, chemiluminescence, and laser Raman scattering measurements, Exp. Fluids 56 (4) (2015) 1-23.

A. M. Steinberg, R. Sadanandan, C. Dem, P. Kutne, W. Meier: Structure and stabilization of hydrogen jet flames in cross-flows, Proc. Comb. Inst. 34 (2013) 1499-1507.

O. Lammel, M. Stöhr, P. Kutne, C. Dem, W. Meier, M. Aigner: Experimental analysis of confined jet flames by laser measurement techniques, Proc. of ASME Turbo Expo (2011) 117-127.

C. Dem, M. Egen, M. Krüger, and J. Popp: Understanding the spray dry design process trough single droplet investigations, Respiratory Drug Delivery X, 1 (2006) 257-266.

C. Dem, W. Kiefer, M. Lankers and J. Popp: An electrodynamic microparticle trapping system for Raman investigation using high laser powers, Proc. XVIIIth Intern. Conf. on Raman Spectroscopy (2002) 855-856.

S. Schlücker, C. Dem, V. E. Roman, W. Kiefer, and J. Popp: Remote sensing of aerosol droplets by nonlinear Raman spectroscopy, J. of Aerosol Sci. 32(1) (2001) 541-543.

C. Dem, S. Schlücker, V. E. Roman, W. Kiefer, and J. Popp: Raman spectroscopy of microparticles by means of the electrodynamical levitation technique, Proc. XVIIth Intern. Conf. on Raman Spectroscopy (2000) 186-187.

Book section:

C. Dem, M. Schmitt, W. Kiefer and J. Popp: Physical Chemistry and Biophysics of Single Trapped Microparticles. In: Optical Processes in Microparticles and Nanostructures, (ed by A. Serpengüzel and A. W. Poon) (2011) 107-129.