Iron as sustainable energy carrier

Iron is a promising, recyclable energy carrier that allows energy to be stored in large quantities and over long periods of time. The project Clean Circles investigates the iron cycle with an integrated approach in cooperation with the TU Darmstadt and further partners. The energy is stored by reducing iron oxides with green hydrogen. Oxidation with air or steam realeases the energy and hydrogen, respectively. The produced iron oxide particles can then be reduced again closing the cycle. 

Contact: Carola Kuhn, Olaf Deutschmann

Funding: KIT Strategiefonds

Collaborations: Clean Circles


C. Kuhn, A. Düll, P. Rohlfs, S. Tischer, M. Börnhorst, O. Deutschmann. Iron as recyclable energy carrier: Feasibility study and kinetic analysis of iron oxide reduction. Application in Energy and Combustion Science 12 (2022) 100096.
DOI: 10.1016/j.jaecs.2022.100096


Clean Circles