Catalytic combustion research for gas turbine application


Background: Extensive experimental and theoretical attention has been given to catalytic combustion in the past decade. The potential of catalytic combustion and catalytically supported combustion in reducing emissions of pollutants, improved ignition, and enhanced stability of flames has been recognized. Current major R&D goals are the development of ultra-lean emission combustion systems for gas turbine engines.
Project: Our research focuses on experimental investigations as well as modeling and simulation of catalytic combustion systems. In our computational tools we use detailed chemistry and transport models. The goal is to achieve an understanding of the fundamental processes such as heterogeneous and homogeneous chemistry, mass transport and their interactions. This knowledge will eventually be used to design and optimize catalytic combustion systems. In this project, we study catalytic combustion in honeycomb monoliths at conditions that are common for gas-turbine applications.

Co-workers: Renate Schwiedernoch, Steffen Tischer, Luba Maier

Collaboration: R.J. Kee and L.L. Raja (Colorado School of Mines), R.W. Dibble (University of California at Berkeley)

Funding: Alstom Power

Further information:

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