Currently wanted!

Here you will find currently open research positions. Do not hesitate to ask for other research subjects if you find nothing suitable for you.

- Polymerisation in a flow reactor
- Determination of copolymer parameters
- 3D printing of polymers
- Post-polymerization modification chemistry

Post-Doctoral Vacancies
Excellent candidates with a background in polymer science and related areas are invited to express their interest. Open positions are advertised on the KIT website

Applications shall be submitted via an online form here.

PhD Opportunities
Open PhD position will be advertise when available. Excellent candidates for fully funded PhDs can also apply for a scholarship (Chinese: Chinese Scholarship Council, International: DAAD, etc.). We can offer projects in polymer chemistry, polymer characterization, biomaterials, battery science, etc.

MSc and BSc Theses
We have constantly open projects for Master and Bachelor theses, see above.

Summer Placements / Interns
Excellent students should contact any of the group leaders explaining motivation and to discuss potential projects. Each year we hope to have at least several vacancies. This a great opportunity to improve your CV and — if the project permits — to get paid at the same time.

For details, please feel free to contact either Prof. Theato, Dr. Voll or Dr. Mutlu.