MODEGAT III - Contributions

September 2013

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Book of Abstracts

Addendum to Book of Abstracts:
Development of Simulation Tools for Zone-Structured Catalysts, B. Mozaffari*, S. Kannepalli, S. Tischer, O. Deutschmann (late submission)

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(in chronological order as listed in program overview)


Enrico Tronconi: Tutorial on NH3 SCR Modeling

Michael P. Harold: Modeling and Analysis of Lean NOx Traps and LNT/SCR Dual Function Catalysts

Athanasios G. Konstandopoulos: Modeling DPF

Galen B. Fisher: Accomplishments and Developing Issues in Vehicle Exhaust Catalysis



Oral Presentations

(in chronological order as listed in program overview, italics: first/presenting author, asterisk*: corresponding author)

Software-in-the-Loop in Exhaust Aftertreatment Simulation
E. Bouillon*, M. McMackin, B. Lumpp, E. Trapel, M. Tanimou, M. Münzenmay

Kinetic deactivation model for Fe-BEA as NH3-SCR catalyst
S. Shwan*, J. Jansson, L. Olsson, M. Skoglundh

Kinetic modeling of urea decomposition
W. Brack*, B. Heine, F. Birkhold, M. Kruse, G. Schoch, S. Tischer, O. Deutschmann

Development, validation and calibration of a SCR-system to fulfil Euro 4 and Euro 5 emissions limits
O. Montoya*, S. Egger

Modeling and Analysis of Lean NOx Traps and LNT/SCR Dual Function Catalysts
M.P. Harold*, V. Balakotaiah, D. Luss

Comparison of Different Kinetic Models for NOx Storage on a Lean NOx Trap
T.C. Watling*, P.D. Bolton, D. Swallow

Global approximation of NOx reduction selectivity in automotive catalysts based on platinum group metals
P. Kocí*, D. Mrácek, M. Marek

Structural information on catalysts during NOx and CO oxidation as basis for advanced modelling in exhaust-gas aftertreatment
J.-D. Grunwaldt*, A. Gänzler, A. Boubnov, M. Casapu, D.E. Doronkin H. Lichtenberg, H.W.P. de Carvalho, A. Frenkel

On the accuracy of SpaciMS measurements
R. Andersson*

On the Implications of Wall Reynolds Number Dependent Nusselt Number and Friction Factor on the Accuracy of Wall-Flow DPF Modeling
E. Bissett*, W. Wang, J. Brown, S. Wahiduzzaman

An experimental and simulation study on the cold-start behaviour of gasoline particulate filters
B. Opitz*, A. Drochner, H. Vogel, M. Votsmeier

Heat- and mass-transfer induced hysteresis effects during catalyst light-off testing
I. Koutoufaris, G. Koltsakis*

Comparative study of Standard SCR and NO oxidation to NO2 on Fe- and Cu-promoted zeolites
M.P. Ruggeri, I. Nova, E. Tronconi*

Heat-integrated exhaust purification with minimized cold start emissions for natural gas powered engines
M. Rink*, G. Eigenberger, U. Nieken

A Case Study in Multiscale Model Reduction: The Effect of Cell Density on Catalytic Converter Light-Off
A. Fadic, T.W. Nien, J.P. Mmbaga, R.E. Hayes*, M. Votsmeier

“Virtual Certification” – Intelligent, model based system integration for the development of commercial vehicle EU6 concepts
S. Adelberg*, F. Schrade, P. Eckert, L. Krämer

Multidisciplinary Optimization of Emission Control systems for Light-Duty Vehicles
F. Ekström*

Poster Presentations

(in alphabetical order of first author’s last name, italics: first/presenting author, asterisk*: corresponding author)

Oxygen storage level based reaction kinetics for three-way catalyst modeling
J. Bickel*, G. Eigenberger, U. Nieken

Correlation of Static Ageing Effects on Automotive Catalysts
L. Blades*, R. Douglas, G. McCullough, A. Woods

Spatially-resolved XAS during NH3-SCR and related reactions over representative Fe- and Cu-zeolite catalysts
D.E. Doronkin*, M. Casapu, T. Günter, O. Müller, R. Frahm, H. Lichtenberg, J.-D. Grunwaldt

Efficient prediction of diffusivity in porous catalytic coating
M. Dudák, P. Kocí*, M. Marek, V. Novák, P. Blanco-García, G. Jones, D. Thompsett

Approximate Pressure Drop and Filtration Efficiency Expressions for Semi-Open Wall-Flow Channels
O. Haralampous*, T. Kontzias

Estimation of Local Aging Effects of Three-Way-Catalysts by Analysis of their Spatial Temperature and CO conversion profiles
C. Hauck*, S. Tischer, L. Maier, O. Deutschmann

Rapid interpolation of precomputed kinetic data employing reduced local Hermite methods
M. Klingenberger*, J. Gieshoff, A. Drochner, H. Vogel, M. Votsmeier

Adsorption investigations of oxygen and NO over Pt-supported catalyst
O. Mihai, D. Creaser, L. Olsson*

Mass Spectroscopic Study of the Oxidation and Reduction of Zirconium Oxide Clusters in the Gas-Phase
K. Miyajima, F. Mafuné*

Development of Simulation Tools for Zone-Structured Catalysts
B. Mozaffari*, S. Kannepalli, S. Tischer, O. Deutschmann

Dodecane conversion in heavy-duty Diesel oxidation catalyst
D. Mrácek, P. Kocí*, M. Marek

Application of Optimisation Techniques to Determine Reaction Kinetic Parameters of Automotive Catalysts.
A. Pedlow*, G. McCullough, A. Goguet

Investigation of cold-start phenomena over a Cu-zeolite NH3-SCR catalysts for Diesel exhaust gas aftertreatment
M.P. Ruggeri, M. Colombo, I. Nova, E. Tronconi*

Embedding complex Three-Way-Catalyst Models for Rapid Control Prototyping in Automotive Applications
S. Schödel*, G. Fischerauer, M. Votsmeier

Modelling of particulate matter transformations and capture efficiency
J. Sjöblom*, H. Ström

CFD characterization of monolithic reactors for kinetic studies
S. Soltani, R. Andersson, B. Andersson*

Detailed kinetic modelling of automotive exhaust NO reduction by CO/H2 over Rh
Q. Su*, Y. Li, L. Xie, B. Ma

Detailed validation of an auto catalysis model using spatially resolved measurements within the catalyst substrate
J. Stewart*, R. Douglas, A. Goguet, C. Stere

Application of Proper Orthogonal Decomposition Methods in Reactive Pore Diffusion Simulations
M. Ullmann*, J. Seidel, U. Prüfert, O. Ernst, C. Hasse

Kinetic Mechanism Generation via Modified GA and ISAT
Q. Xie*, B. Rogg

Catalysis of electric charges accumulated in subnano-space through strong cluster-substrate interaction
H. Yasumatsu*, N. Fukui