MODEGAT IV - Contributions

October 2015 - not completed

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Book of Abstracts


(in chronological order as listed in program overview)


Tood Toops: Tutorial Modeling SCR
Felix Birkhold: Tutorial Urea Injection
Petr Kočí: Tutorial modeling NOx storage and Three way catalysts
Theo Auckenthaler: Tutorial Models for Engine Control
Alexander Sappok: Tutorial DPF


Oral Presentations

(in chronological order as listed in program overview, italic: first/presenting author, asterisk*: corresponding author)

Poster Presentations

(in alphabetical order of first author’s last name, italics: first/presenting author, asterisk*: corresponding author)

  • Model Based Evaluation of Control Algorithms for the Automotive SCR Catalyst
    A. Åberg, A. Widd, J. Abildskov, J. Kjøbsted Huusom*
  • Effect of Reversible Activation/Deactivation Processes on the Cold Start Performance of a Three-Way Catalyst
    T. Bäroth*, A. Drochner, H. Vogel, M. Votsmeier
  • Application of system simulation for the development of urea injection strategies for EU6c
    S. Dosda*, D. Berthout, J. Hafsaoui
  • Hysteresis Phenomena on Platinum and Palladium based Diesel Oxidation Catalysts (DOCs)
    H. Dubbe*, G. Eigenberger, U. Nieken
  • Influence of maldistribution and substrate material properties on the cumulative emission of a three-way-converter
    S. Engeda, T. Sailer,O. Hausner, O. Deutschmann
  • Kinetic mean field modelling of the NOx reduction by H2 on Pt/WO3/ZrO2 catalyst in excess of O2
    C. Hahn, M. Endisch, S. Kureti*
  • Modelling of Dual Layer Ammonia Slip Catalyst for Diesel Exhaust Aftertreatment
    T. K. Hansen, B. B. Hansen, T. V.W. Janssens, A. D. Jensen*
  • Study on NH3 and N2O Formation Mechanisms in Commercial TWC Pd/Rh-catalyts
    M. Hernsdorf*, A. Drochner, H. Vogel, M. Votsmeier
  • Activation and Deactivation Effects in Diesel Oxidation Catalysts
    M. Herrmann*, S. Malmberg, S. Salomons, A. Drochner, H. Vogel, R. Hayes, M. Votsmeier
  • Deactivation of Cu/SAPO-34 During Low-Temperature NH3-SCR
    K. Leistner*, L. Olsson
  • Modeling of NOx reduction dynamics in LNT catalyst during lean-to-rich and rich-to-lean exhaust gas transients
    M. Leskovjan, P. Kočí*
  • LNT catalyst operating strategy for reduction of N2O emissions
    D. Mráček*, P. Kočí, A. Arvajová, M. Marek, J.-S. Choi, J.A. Pihl, T.J. Toops,
    W.P. Partridge
  • Control Oriented Modeling of low temperature NH3-SCR
    T. Selleri, I. Nova, E. Tronconi*
  • B-site dopant effects in La-Co based perovskites
    J. Simböck*, K. Simeonov, R. Palkovits
  • Design of chemical models for model-based control of exhaust gas emissions
    R. Stanchev*, J. Rink, U. Konigorski, M. Votsmeier
  • An experimental and microkinetic modling study for the total oxidation of CO over a Pd/Al2O3 monolith based DOC.
    Stotz H., Schuetz J., Maier L., Deutschmann O.*
  • Preparation and performance of multi-layer lean NOx trap catalysts – effect of diffusion limitation
    M. Václavík*, V. Novák, P. Kočí
  • Ab Initio Computational Study of Soot Deposit Structure
    N. D. Vlachos, A. G. Konstandopoulos*