Dr. Boris Reznik







Professional Preparation

M.S. (Physics of semiconductors and dielectrics) - 1972-1980 – Odessa University, Ukraine, Thesis: "Mosaic structure of diamond crystals studied by microfocus X-ray Fujiwara-method” (advised by Prof.V.Presnov).
Ph.D. (Physics of semiconductors and dielectrics) - 1988-1991 - Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys - Technical University, Russia, Thesis: "Structure and electrical properties of the sintered diamond powders”. (co-advised by Prof.Y.Ronter and Prof.N.Kakazei).



July 2007 - present time: Senior Researcher, Institute for Technical Chemistry and Polymer Chemistry, Karlsruhe University, Germany.
Feb. 1998 – June 2007: Senior Researcher, Laboratory for Electron Microscopy, Karlsruhe University, Germany.
Apr. 1994 - Jan. 1998: Researcher, Institute of Material Science and Coating Technology, Dortmund University, Germany.
Sep. 1981- Nov. 1993: Researcher, Physical Department, Odessa University, Ukraine.
Sept.1978 - Nov.1980: Research engineer, Welding laboratory, Odessa plant for oxygen equipment, Ukraine.


Further Activities

Scientific referee for the journals: Carbon Letters (Advisory Board), Carbon, Journal of Materials Science, Materials Letters, Porous Materials, Materials Chemistry and Physics, Journal of Microscopy
Membership in scientific societies 1998-present time: German Microscopy Society, German Ceramics Society


Selected Publications

(about 60 refereed research publications and 35 lectures at international conferences)

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• Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and Infiltration (CVI)
Pyrolytic Carbon
Materials World Network: Carbon-Carbon Composites


• Thermal debinding

• Glasses derived from pyrolyzed polysiloxane