Fuel Cells: between hydrogen and electricity


Dr. Julian Dailly



This lecture deals with the transversal subject “Fuel Cells”. From the actual energy context through the manufacture and characterizations of Fuel Cells, it covers different approaches (thermodynamic, electrochemical, environmental …) to fully discover and understand those devices.


The thermodynamic and electrochemical properties will be described to highlight the place of the Fuel Cells in the future energetic mix. Focused on high temperature systems, the learning of manufacturing processes, characterizations and modelling will be approached using concrete examples from laboratories and industries. A specific part is dedicated to the hydrogen vector, one of the key advantages of Fuel Cells.


  1. Introduction
  2. General energy context
    1. Environmental context
    2. Energy resources and consumption
    3. Renewables and energy transition
  3. Hydrogen
    1. History and properties
    2. Production and consumption
  4. Fuel Cells
    1. History and Generalities
    2. Technologies of Fuel Cells
    3. High temperature Fuel Cells
      1.    SOFC
      2.    PCFC
  5. Manufacture of high temperature Fuel Cells
    1. Synthesis of powders
    2. Manufacture of substrates
    3. Coating of thin layers
  6. Characterizations of high temperature Fuel Cells
    1. Physic-chemical characterizations
    2. Electrochemical characterizations
  7. Modelling of high temperature Fuel Cells
  8. Visit of the ENERMAT laboratory or a Refuelling station


Fuel Cells: between hydrogen and electricity