Kürzliche Publikationen und Vorträge

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  1. Modulating electron density of vacancy site by single Au atom for effective CO photoreduction.
    Cao, Y.; Guo, L.; Dan, M.; Doronkin, D. E.; Han, C.; Rao, Z.; Liu, Y.; Meng, J.; Huang, Z.; Zheng, K.; Chen, P.; Dong, F.; Zhou, Y.
    2021. Nature Communications, 12 (1), Art.-Nr.: 1675. doi:10.1038/s41467-021-21925-7VolltextVolltext der Publikation als PDF-Dokument
  2. Investigating cubane formation and effect of co-crystallization agents in oxo-bridged Co complexes using X-ray absorption spectroscopy.
    Gaur, A.; Sharma, D.; Nitin Nair, N.; Mehta, B. K.; Shrivastava, B. D.; Gogoi, M.; Sarmah, N.; Das, B. K.
    2021. Journal of molecular structure, 1244, Art.-Nr.: 130869. doi:10.1016/j.molstruc.2021.130869
  3. Ultrahigh surface density of Co-N₂C single-atom-sites for boosting photocatalytic CO₂ reduction to methanol.
    Ma, M.; Huang, Z.; Doronkin, D. E.; Fa, W.; Rao, Z.; Zou, Y.; Wang, R.; Zhong, Y.; Cao, Y.; Zhang, R.; Zhou, Y.
    2021. Applied catalysis / B, Art.-Nr.: 120695. doi:10.1016/j.apcatb.2021.120695
  4. Tracking dynamic structural changes in catalysis by rapid 2D-XANES microscopy.
    Alizadehfanaloo, S.; Garrevoet, J.; Seyrich, M.; Murzin, V.; Becher, J.; Doronkin, D. E.; Sheppard, T. L.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.; Schroer, C. G.; Schropp, A.
    2021. Journal of synchrotron radiation, 28 (5). doi:10.1107/S1600577521007074
  5. Present Challenges in Catalytic Emission Control for Internal Combustion Engines.
    Doronkin, D. E.; Casapu, M.
    2021. Catalysts, 11 (9), Art.-Nr. 1019. doi:10.3390/catal11091019VolltextVolltext der Publikation als PDF-Dokument
  6. Exploring Catalyst Dynamics in a Fixed Bed Reactor by Correlative Operando Spatially-Resolved Structure-Activity Profiling.
    Wollak, B.; Doronkin, D. E.; Espinoza, D.; Sheppard, T.; Korup, O.; Schmidt, M.; Alizadefanaloo, S.; Rosowski, F.; Schroer, C.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.; Horn, R.
    2021. Journal of catalysis. doi:10.1016/j.jcat.2021.08.029
  7. Increased Ir–Ir Interaction in Iridium Oxide during the Oxygen Evolution Reaction at High Potentials Probed by Operando Spectroscopy.
    Czioska, S.; Boubnov, A.; Escalera-López, D.; Geppert, J.; Zagalskaya, A.; Röse, P.; Saraçi, E.; Alexandrov, V.; Krewer, U.; Cherevko, S.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.
    2021. ACS catalysis, 11 (15), 10043–10057. doi:10.1021/acscatal.1c02074
  8. Impact of gas phase reactions and catalyst poisons on the NH₃-SCR activity of a V₂O₅-WO₃/TiO₂ catalyst at pre-turbine position.
    Zengel, D.; Stehle, M.; Deutschmann, O.; Casapu, M.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.
    2021. Applied catalysis / B, 288, Article no: 119991. doi:10.1016/j.apcatb.2021.119991
  9. HCl-doping of V/TiO₂-based catalysts reveals the promotion of NH₃-SCR and the rate limiting role of NO oxidative activation.
    Lanza, A.; Zheng, L.; Matarrese, R.; Lietti, L.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.; Clave, S. A.; Collier, J.; Beretta, A.
    2021. The chemical engineering journal, 416, Art.Nr.: 128933. doi:10.1016/j.cej.2021.128933
  10. Insights into the Structural Dynamics of Pt/CeO Single-Site Catalysts during CO Oxidation.
    Dolcet, P.; Maurer, F.; Casapu, M.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.
    2021. Catalysts, 11 (5), Art.-Nr. 617. doi:10.3390/catal11050617VolltextVolltext der Publikation als PDF-Dokument
  11. Sample Environment for Operando Hard X-ray Tomography—An Enabling Technology for Multimodal Characterization in Heterogeneous Catalysis.
    Becher, J.; Weber, S.; Ferreira Sanchez, D.; Doronkin, D. E.; Garrevoet, J.; Falkenberg, G.; Motta Meira, D.; Pascarelli, S.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.; Sheppard, T. L.
    2021. Catalysts, 11 (4), Art.-Nr.: 459. doi:10.3390/catal11040459VolltextVolltext der Publikation als PDF-Dokument
  12. Effect of Selectivity Enhancers on the Structure of Palladium during High-Pressure Continuous-Flow Direct Synthesis of Hydrogen Peroxide in Ethanol.
    Deschner, B. J.; Doronkin, D. E.; Sheppard, T. L.; Zimina, A.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.; Dittmeyer, R.
    2021. The journal of physical chemistry <Washington, DC> / C, acs.jpcc.0c11246. doi:10.1021/acs.jpcc.0c11246VolltextVolltext der Publikation als PDF-Dokument
  13. The Impact of Pressure and Hydrocarbons on NOx Abatement over Cu- and Fe-Zeolites at Pre-Turbocharger Position.
    Zengel, D.; Barth, S.; Casapu, M.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.
    2021. Catalysts, 11 (3), 336. doi:10.3390/catal11030336VolltextVolltext der Publikation als PDF-Dokument
  14. Chemical imaging of mixed metal oxide catalysts for propylene oxidation: from model binary systems to complex multicomponent systems.
    Sprenger, P.; Stehle, M.; Gaur, A.; Weiß, J.; Brueckner, D.; Zhang, Y.; Garrevoet, J.; Suuronen, J.-P.; Thomann, M.; Fischer, A.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.; Sheppard, T. L.
    2021. ChemCatChem, 13 (10), 2483–2493. doi:10.1002/cctc.202100054VolltextVolltext der Publikation als PDF-Dokument
  15. Versatile and high temperature spectroscopic cell for operando fluorescence and transmission x-ray absorption spectroscopic studies of heterogeneous catalysts.
    Eggart, D.; Zimina, A.; Cavusoglu, G.; Casapu, M.; Doronkin, D. E.; Lomachenko, K. A.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.
    2021. Review of scientific instruments, 92 (2), Art.-Nr. 023106. doi:10.1063/5.0038428VolltextVolltext der Publikation als PDF-Dokument
  16. NaCl-template-based synthesis of TiO₂-Pd/Pt hollow nanospheres for H₂O₂ direct synthesis and CO oxidation.
    Liebertseder, M.; Wang, D.; Cavusoglu, G.; Casapu, M.; Wang, S.; Behrens, S.; Kübel, C.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.; Feldmann, C.
    2021. Nanoscale, 13 (3), 2005–2011. doi:10.1039/d0nr08871dVolltextVolltext der Publikation als PDF-Dokument
  17. Hard X‐ray Nanotomography for 3D Analysis of Coking in Nickel‐based Catalysts.
    Weber, S.; Batey, D.; Cipiccia, S.; Stehle, M.; Abel, K. L.; Gläser, R.; Sheppard, T. L.
    2021. Angewandte Chemie / International edition. doi:10.1002/anie.202106380
  18. Liquid‐Phase Synthesis of Highly Reactive Rare‐Earth Metal Nanoparticles.
    Bartenbach, D.; Wenzel, O.; Popescu, R.; Faden, L.; Reiß, A.; Kaiser, M.; Zimina, A.; Grunwaldt, J.; Gerthsen, D.; Feldmann, C.
    2021. Angewandte Chemie / International edition, 60 (32), 17373–17377. doi:10.1002/anie.202104955VolltextVolltext der Publikation als PDF-Dokument
  19. Phase- and Surface Composition-Dependent Electrochemical Stability of Ir-Ru Nanoparticles during Oxygen Evolution Reaction.
    Escalera-López, D.; Czioska, S.; Geppert, J.; Boubnov, A.; Röse, P.; Saraçi, E.; Krewer, U.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.; Cherevko, S.
    2021. ACS catalysis, 9300–9316. doi:10.1021/acscatal.1c01682
  20. Unravelling the Zn‐Cu Interaction during Activation of a Zn‐promoted Cu/MgO Model Methanol Catalyst.
    Pandit, L.; Boubnov, A.; Behrendt, G.; Mockenhaupt, B.; Chowdhury, C.; Jelic, J.; Hansen, A.-L.; Saraci, E.; Ras, E.-J.; Behrens, M.; Studt, F.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.
    2021. ChemCatChem, cctc.202100692. doi:10.1002/cctc.202100692
  21. Spatial activity profiling along a fixed bed of powder catalyst during selective oxidation of propylene to acrolein.
    Stehle, M.; Sheppard, T. L.; Thomann, M.; Fischer, A.; Besser, H.; Pfleging, W.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.
    2021. Catalysis science & technology. doi:10.1039/D1CY00553G
  22. Rationalizing an Unexpected Structure Sensitivity in Heterogeneous Catalysis - CO Hydrogenation over Rh as a Case Study.
    Schumann, M.; Nielsen, M. R.; Smitshuysen, T. E. L.; Hansen, T. W.; Damsgaard, C. D.; Yang, A.-C. A.; Cargnello, M.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.; Jensen, A. D.; Christensen, J. M.
    2021. ACS Catalysis, 11 (9), 5189–5201. doi:10.1021/acscatal.0c05002
  23. Spatially‐resolved insights into local activity and structure of Ni‐based CO₂ methanation catalysts in fixed‐bed reactors.
    Serrer, M.-A.; Stehle, M.; Schulte, M. L.; Besser, H.; Pfleging, W.; Saraci, E.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.
    2021. ChemCatChem, 13 (13), 3010–3020. doi:10.1002/cctc.202100490VolltextVolltext der Publikation als PDF-Dokument
  24. Spatiotemporal Investigation of the Temperature and Structure of a Pt/CeO₂ Oxidation Catalyst for CO and Hydrocarbon Oxidation during Pulse Activation.
    Maurer, F.; Gänzler, A.; Lott, P.; Betz, B.; Votsmeier, M.; Loridant, S.; Vernoux, P.; Murzin, V.; Bornmann, B.; Frahm, R.; Deutschmann, O.; Casapu, M.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.
    2021. Industrial & engineering chemistry research. doi:10.1021/acs.iecr.0c05798
  25. Liquid-phase Synthesis of Highly Oxophilic Zerovalent Niobium and Tantalum Nanoparticles.
    Egeberg, A.; Faden, L.-P.; Zimina, A.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.; Gerthsen, D.; Feldmann, C.
    2021. Chemical communications. doi:10.1039/D1CC00681A
  26. CO2 Reduction over Mo2C-Based Catalysts.
    Marquart, W.; Raseale, S.; Prieto, G.; Zimina, A.; Sarma, B. B.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.; Claeys, M.; Fischer, N.
    2021. ACS catalysis, 11, 1624–1639. doi:10.1021/acscatal.0c05019
  27. Chemical gradients in automotive Cu-SSZ-13 catalysts for NO removal revealed by operando X-ray spectrotomography.
    Becher, J.; Sanchez, D. F.; Doronkin, D. E.; Zengel, D.; Meira, D. M.; Pascarelli, S.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.; Sheppard, T. L.
    2021. Nature catalysis, 4, 46–53. doi:10.1038/s41929-020-00552-3VolltextVolltext der Publikation als PDF-Dokument
  28. Hydrocarbon and soot oxidation over cerium and iron doped vanadium SCR catalysts.
    Casapu, M.; Zheng, L.; Zimina, A.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.
    2020. ChemCatChem, 12 (24), 6272–6284. doi:10.1002/cctc.202001314VolltextVolltext der Publikation als PDF-Dokument
  29. Applications of Hard X-ray Spectroscopy in Energy-Related and Environmental Catalysis.
    Doronkin, D. E.; Casapu, M.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.
    2020. Synchrotron radiation news, 33 (5), 11–17. doi:10.1080/08940886.2020.1812353
  30. Reduction and carburization of iron oxides for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis.
    Nielsen, M. R.; Moss, A. B.; Bjørnlund, A. S.; Liu, X.; Knop-Gericke, A.; Klyushin, A. Y.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.; Sheppard, T. L.; Doronkin, D. E.; Zimina, A.; Smitshuysen, T. E. L.; Damsgaard, C. D.; Wagner, J. B.; Hansen, T. W.
    2020. Journal of Energy Chemistry, 51, 48–61. doi:10.1016/j.jechem.2020.03.026
  31. Microfluidic Crystallization of Surfactant-Free Doped Zinc Sulfide Nanoparticles for Optical Bioimaging Applications.
    Tajoli, F.; Dengo, N.; Mognato, M.; Dolcet, P.; Lucchini, G.; Faresin, A.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.; Huang, X.; Badocco, D.; Maggini, M.; Kübel, C.; Speghini, A.; Carofiglio, T.; Gross, S.
    2020. ACS applied materials & interfaces, 12 (39), 44074–44087. doi:10.1021/acsami.0c13150
  32. Operando X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy Study during Conditioning of Pt-Based Catalysts and Its Implications for CO Oxidation.
    Gänzler, A. M.; Betz, B.; Baier-Stegmaier, S.; Belin, S.; Briois, V.; Votsmeier, M.; Casapu, M.
    2020. The journal of physical chemistry <Washington, DC> / C, 124 (37), 20090–20100. doi:10.1021/acs.jpcc.0c04740
  33. Cu‐Zn alloy formation as unfavored state for efficient methanol catalysts.
    Frei, E.; Gaur, A.; Lichtenberg, H.; Zwiener, L.; Scherzer, M.; Girgsdies, F.; Lunkenbein, T.; Schlögl, R.
    2020. ChemCatChem, 12 (16), 4029–4033. doi:10.1002/cctc.202000777
  34. Emission of Toxic HCN During NOx Removal by Ammonia SCR in the Exhaust of Lean-Burn Natural Gas Engines.
    Zengel, D.; Koch, P.; Torkashvand, B.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.; Casapu, M.; Deutschmann, O.
    2020. Angewandte Chemie / International edition, 59 (34), 14423–14428. doi:10.1002/anie.202003670VolltextVolltext der Publikation als PDF-Dokument
  35. Freisetzung von toxischem HCN bei der Stickoxidreduktion mittels NH₃‐SCR in mager betriebenen Erdgasmotoren.
    Zengel, D.; Koch, P.; Torkashvand, B.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.; Casapu, M.; Deutschmann, O.
    2020. Angewandte Chemie, 132 (34), 14530–14535. doi:10.1002/ange.202003670VolltextVolltext der Publikation als PDF-Dokument
  36. PtyNAMi: ptychographic nano-analytical microscope.
    Schropp, A.; Döhrmann, R.; Botta, S.; Brückner, D.; Kahnt, M.; Lyubomirskiy, M.; Ossig, C.; Scholz, M.; Seyrich, M.; Stuckelberger, M. E.; Wiljes, P.; Wittwer, F.; Garrevoet, J.; Falkenberg, G.; Fam, Y.; Sheppard, T. L.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.; Schroer, C. G.
    2020. Journal of applied crystallography, 53 (4), 957–971. doi:10.1107/S1600576720008420VolltextVolltext der Publikation als PDF-Dokument
  37. Dynamic structural changes of supported Pd, PdSn, and PdIn nanoparticles during continuous flow high pressure direct HO synthesis.
    Doronkin, D. E.; Wang, S.; Sharapa, D.; Deschner, B. J.; Sheppard, T. L.; Zimina, A.; Studt, F.; Dittmeyer, R.; Behrens, S.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.
    2020. Catalysis science & technology, 10 (14), 4726–4742. doi:10.1039/D0CY00553CVolltextVolltext der Publikation als PDF-Dokument
  38. Palladium-Based Bimetallic Nanocrystal Catalysts for the Direct Synthesis of Hydrogen Peroxide.
    Wang, S.; Doronkin, D. E.; Hähsler, M.; Huang, X.; Wang, D.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.; Behrens, S.
    2020. ChemSusChem, 13 (12), 3243–3251. doi:10.1002/cssc.202000407VolltextVolltext der Publikation als PDF-Dokument
  39. Optimizing Ni-Fe-Ga alloys into Ni2FeGa for the hydrogenation of CO2 into methanol.
    Smitshuysen, T. E. L.; Nielsen, M. R.; Pruessmann, T.; Zimina, A.; Sheppard, T. L.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.; Chorkendorff, I.; Damsgaard, C. D.
    2020. ChemCatChem, 12 (12), 3265–3273. doi:10.1002/cctc.202000174
  40. Understanding Sulfur Poisoning of Bimetallic Pd-Pt Methane Oxidation Catalysts and their Regeneration.
    Lott, P.; Eck, M.; Doronkin, D. E.; Zimina, A.; Tischer, S.; Popescu, R.; Belin, S.; Briois, V.; Casapu, M.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.; Deutschmann, O.
    2020. Applied catalysis / B, Art.Nr.: 119244. doi:10.1016/j.apcatb.2020.119244
  41. Tomographic reconstruction with a generative adversarial network.
    Yang, X.; Kahnt, M.; Brückner, D.; Schropp, A.; Fam, Y.; Becher, J.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.; Sheppard, T. L.; Schroer, C. G.
    2020. Journal of synchrotron radiation, 27 (2), 486–493. doi:10.1107/S1600577520000831VolltextVolltext der Publikation als PDF-Dokument
  42. The direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide from H₂ and O₂ using Pd–Ga and Pd–In catalysts.
    Wang, S.; Lewis, R. J.; Doronkin, D. E.; Morgan, D. J.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.; Hutchings, G. J.; Behrens, S.
    2020. Catalysis science & technology, 10 (6), 1925–1932. doi:10.1039/C9CY02210DVolltextVolltext der Publikation als PDF-Dokument
  43. Visible light-enhanced photothermal CO2 hydrogenation over Pt/Al2O3 catalyst.
    Zhao, Z.; Doronkin, D. E.; Ye, Y.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.; Huang, Z.; Zhou, Y.
    2020. Chinese journal of catalysis, 41 (2), 286–293. doi:10.1016/S1872-2067(19)63445-5VolltextVolltext der Publikation als PDF-Dokument
  44. From agriculture residue to upgraded product: The thermochemical conversion of sugarcane bagasse for fuel and chemical products.
    Schmitt, C. C.; Moreira, R.; Neves, R. C.; Richter, D.; Funke, A.; Raffelt, K.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.; Dahmen, N.
    2020. Fuel processing technology, 197, Article: 106199. doi:10.1016/j.fuproc.2019.106199VolltextVolltext der Publikation als PDF-Dokument
  45. Porosity and Structure of Hierarchically Porous Ni/Al₂O₃ Catalysts for CO₂ Methanation.
    Weber, S.; Abel, K. L.; Zimmermann, R. T.; Huang, X.; Bremer, J.; Rihko-Struckmann, L. K.; Batey, D.; Cipiccia, S.; Titus, J.; Poppitz, D.; Kübel, C.; Sundmacher, K.; Gläser, R.; Sheppard, T. L.
    2020. Catalysts, 10 (12), Art. Nr.: 1471. doi:10.3390/catal10121471VolltextVolltext der Publikation als PDF-Dokument
  46. Stabilizing Cu in Cu/SiO Catalysts with a Shattuckite-Like Structure Boosts CO2 Hydrogenation into Methanol.
    Yu, J.; Yang, M.; Zhang, J.; Ge, Q.; Zimina, A.; Pruessmann, T.; Zheng, L.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.; Sun, J.
    2020. ACS catalysis, 10 (24), 14694–14706. doi:10.1021/acscatal.0c04371
  47. In situ probing of Pt/TiO2 activity in low-temperature ammonia oxidation.
    Kibis, L. S.; Svintsitskiy, D.; Stadnichenko, A. I.; Slavinskaya, E. M.; Romanenko, A.; Fedorova, E. A.; Stonkus, O. A.; Svetlichnyi, V.; Fakhrutdinova, E. D.; Vorokhta, M.; Šmíd, B.; Doronkin, D. E.; Marchuk, V.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.; Boronin, A. I.
    2020. Catalysis science & technology. doi:10.1039/d0cy01533d
  48. Stability of Cobalt Particles in and outside HZSM‐5 under CO Hydrogenation Conditions Studied by ex situ and in situ Electron Microscopy.
    Straß-Eifert, A.; Sheppard, T. L.; Damsgaard, C. D.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.; Güttel, R.
    2020. ChemCatChem, cctc.202001533. doi:10.1002/cctc.202001533
  49. Structural dynamics in Ni–Fe catalysts during CO₂ methanation - role of iron oxide clusters.
    Serrer, M.-A.; Gaur, A.; Jelic, J.; Weber, S.; Fritsch, C.; Clark, A. H.; Saraçi, E.; Studt, F.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.
    2020. Catalysis science & technology, 10 (22), 7542–7554. doi:10.1039/D0CY01396JVolltextVolltext der Publikation als PDF-Dokument
  50. Selective aerobic oxidation of 5‐(hydroxymethyl)furfural over heterogeneous silver‐gold nanoparticle catalysts.
    Schade, O.; Stein, F.; Reichenberger, S.; Gaur, A.; Saraci, E.; Barcikowski, S.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.
    2020. Advanced synthesis & catalysis, 362 (24), 5681–5696. doi:10.1002/adsc.202001003VolltextVolltext der Publikation als PDF-Dokument
  51. The effects of platinum dispersion and Pt state on catalytic properties of Pt/Al2O3 in NH3 oxidation.
    Boronin, A. I.; Slavinskaya, E.; Kibis, L.; Stonkus, O.; Svintsitskiy, D.; Stadnichenko, A.; Fedorova, E.; Romanenko, A.; Marchuk, V.; Doronkin, D.
    2020. ChemCatChem, cctc.202001320. doi:10.1002/cctc.202001320
  52. Tracking the formation, fate and consequence for catalytic activity of Pt single sites on CeO2.
    Maurer, F.; Jelic, J.; Wang, J.; Gänzler, A.; Dolcet, P.; Wöll, C.; Wang, Y.; Studt, F.; Casapu, M.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.
    2020. Nature catalysis. doi:10.1038/s41929-020-00508-7VolltextVolltext der Publikation als PDF-Dokument
  53. TiO2-supported catalysts with ZnO and ZrO2 for non-oxidative dehydrogenation of propane: mechanistic analysis and application potentia.
    Han, S.; Zhao, D.; Lund, H.; Rockstroh, N.; Bartling, S.; Doronkin, D. E.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.; Gao, M.; Jiang, G.; Kondratenko, E. V.
    2020. Catalysis science & technology. doi:10.1039/D0CY01416H
  54. Exploiting the dynamic properties of Pt on ceria for low-temperature CO oxidation.
    Ferré, G.; Aouine, M.; Bosselet, F.; Burel, L.; Cadete Santos Aires, F. J.; Geantet, C.; Ntais, S.; Maurer, F.; Casapu, M.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.; Epicier, T.; Loridant, S.; Vernoux, P.
    2020. Catalysis science & technology, 10 (12), 3904–3917. doi:10.1039/d0cy00732c
  55. Elucidating the Nature of Active Sites and Fundamentals for their Creation in Zn-Containing ZrO2-Based Catalysts for Non-Oxidative Propane Dehydrogenation.
    Han, S.; Zhao, D.; Otroshchenko, T.; Lund, H.; Bentrup, U.; Kondratenko, V. A.; Rockstroh, N.; Bartling, S.; Doronkin, D. E.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.; Rodemerck, U.; Linke, D.; Gao, M.; Jiang, G.; Kondratenko, E. V.
    2020. ACS catalysis, acscatal.0c01580. doi:10.1021/acscatal.0c01580VolltextVolltext der Publikation als PDF-Dokument
  56. Influence of Titania Synthesized by Pulsed Laser Ablation on the State of Platinum during Ammonia Oxidation.
    Stadnichenko, A.; Svintsitskiy, D.; Kibis, L.; Fedorova, E.; Stonkus, O.; Slavinskaya, E.; Lapin, I.; Fakhrutdinova, E.; Svetlichnyi, V.; Romanenko, A.; Doronkin, D.; Marchuk, V.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.; Boronin, A.
    2020. Applied Sciences, 10 (14), Art. Nr.: 4699. doi:10.3390/app10144699VolltextVolltext der Publikation als PDF-Dokument
  57. Towards an intensified process of biomass-derived monomers: The influence of HMF by-products on gold-catalyzed synthesis of 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid.
    Naim, W.; Schade, O. R.; Saraci, E.; Wüst, D.; Kruse, A.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.
    2020. ACS sustainable chemistry & engineering. doi:10.1021/acssuschemeng.0c01319VolltextVolltext der Publikation als PDF-Dokument
  58. High stability of Rh oxide-based thermoresistive catalytic combustion sensors proven by operando XAS and XRD.
    Müller, S.; Zimina, A.; Steininger, R.; Flessau, S.; Osswald, J.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.
    2020. ACS sensors, 5 (8), 2486–2496. doi:10.1021/acssensors.0c00712VolltextVolltext der Publikation als PDF-Dokument
  59. Mechanistic Insights into the Selective Oxidation of 5-(Hydroxymethyl)furfural over Silver-based Catalysts.
    Schade, O. R.; Gaur, A.; Zimina, A.; Saraci, E.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.
    2020. Catalysis science & technology, 10 (15), 5036–5047. doi:10.1039/D0CY00878HVolltextVolltext der Publikation als PDF-Dokument
  60. Structural dynamics of an iron molybdate catalyst under redox cycling conditions studied with in situ multi edge XAS and XRD.
    Gaur, A.; Stehle, M.; Raun, K. V.; Thrane, J.; Jensen, A. D.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.; Høj, M.
    2020. Physical chemistry, chemical physics, 22 (20), 11713–11723. doi:10.1039/D0CP01506GVolltextVolltext der Publikation als PDF-Dokument
  61. Bridging the gap between industry and synchrotron: Operando study at 30 bar over 300 h during Fischer-Tropsch synthesis.
    Loewert, M.; Serrer, M.-A.; Carambia, T.; Stehle, M.; Zimina, A.; Kalz, K.; Lichtenberg, H.; Saraci, E.; Pfeifer, P.; Grunwaldt, J.-D.
    2020. Reaction chemistry & engineering, 5 (6), 1071–1082. doi:10.1039/C9RE00493AVolltextVolltext der Publikation als PDF-Dokument
  62. The Influence of the Gold Particle Size on the Catalytic Oxidation of 5-(Hydroxymethyl)furfural.
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