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The 7th International Symposium on Modeling of Exhaust-Gas After-Treatment - MODEGAT VII - takes place September 11-13, 2022 in Bad Herrenalb/Karlsruhe (Germany).


General Information MODEGAT VII

Conference Program 2022


Special Issue Emission Control Science and Technology

Invited papers of MODEGAT VII will be published in the MODEGAT 2022 special issue of the Springer journal Emission Control Science and Technology. More info about the submission procedure will be given during the conference and later published here.


Conference Downloads

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Book of Abstracts 2022

A printed version of the Book of Abstracts will be handed out during the symposium.

Book of Abstracts MODEGAT VII - download

Oral presentations

(in chronological order as listed in program overview)

Plenary: The NH3-SCR redox cycle over Cu-CHA catalysts: Insights from transient kinetic analysis

E. Tronconi, I. Nova - Politecnico di Milano, Milano, Italy

Effect of SOx and framework Al density on N2O formation over Cu-CHA during NH3 selective catalytic reduction

J. Han, H. Härelind, M. Skoglundh, D. Creaser, L. Olsson*

Low temperature sulfur poisoning of Cu-CHA during NH3-SCR studied by DFT calculations

J. Bjerregaard*, M. Votsmeier, H. Grönbeck

A data-driven modeling framework to develop an NH3 adsorption model for a vanadium-based SCR catalyst.

A. F. Suarez-Corredor*, M. U. Bäbler, L. Olsson, M. Skoglundh, B. Westerberg

Coupling of liquid and surface chemistry in urea SCR systems

C. Kuntz, P.J. Jägerfeld, J. Mmbaga, R.E. Hayes, O. Deutschmann*

Model based optimization of SCR catalyst systems with a twin-dosing ammonia strategy

S. Chen*, S. Hartl*, M. Bendrich*, B. Betz, A. Scheuer, M. Votsmeier

Keynote: Vehicle Application of an AI-based Catalyst Model with Online Adaptation

J. Werfel*, M. Kalogirou, J. Schäffner

Plenary: Adding an electron to the equation: From catalyst- to battery modelling

G. Koltsakis - Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece

Keynote: Integrated Multiscale Modeling of Solid Oxide Electrodes, Cells, Stacks, and Systems

L. Wehrle, C. A. Pino-Muñoz, Y. Wang, P. Boldrin, N. P. Brandon, O. Deutschmann, A. Banerjee*

Emission Reduction in Steel Industry: Dry Reforming of Coke Oven Gas and Blast Furnace Gas

S. D. Angeli, S. Gossler, S. Lichtenberg, G. Kass, A. K. Agrawal, M. Valerius, K. P. Kinzel, O. Deutschmann*

Plenary: Modeling of three-way catalysts and particulate filters

Petr Kocí, University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague, Czech Republic

On pore scale simulation of reactive flows in catalytic filters

O.Iliev, P.Toktaliev*, M.Votsmeier, R.Greiner

Simulating Catalytic Reaction and Soot Oxidation in Coated Particulate Filters: A Simplified Modelling Framework

T. C. Watling*

Direct Permeability Estimation in Particulate Filters

C. Samuels *, S. Aleksandrova, T.C. Watling, H. Medina, S. Benjamin

Pore-scale modelling of soot deposits and their impact on catalytic filter performance

M. Plachá, P. Kocí*, M. Isoz, M. Jones, D. Eastwood, A. York

Keynote: Kinetic modeling of CO influence on passive NOx adsorption

D. Yao, J. Wurzenberger, T. Glatz, D. Creaser, L. Olsson* 

Adsorbers (PNAs): a novel transient kinetic analysis

U. Iacobone, I. Nova, E. Tronconi, R. Villamaina, M. P. Ruggeri, D. Bounechada*, L. Mantarosie, J. Collier, D. Thompsett

Robust parameter estimation methodology for heterogeneous catalytic reactors

M. Walander, J. Sjöblom*, D. Creaser, J. Edvardsson, N. Löfgren, S. Tamm

Chemical Gradients in Cu-SSZ-13 and Pt/AL2O3 Emission Control Catalysts Revealed by Operando XAS-tomography

S. Das, V. Marchuk, S. Sharma, D. Doronkin, D. Ferreira Sanchez, J.-D. Grunwaldt, T. L. Sheppard*

Virtual Test Bed – What does this mean for Aftertreatment Modeling? 

T. Glatz>, S. Kutschi, J. Wurzenberger*

Modelling challenges for post EU VI heavy-duty engines

D. Karamitros, J. H. Cho, S. M. Choi, G. Koltsakis*