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The 5th International Symposium on Modeling of Exhaust-Gas After-Treatment - MODEGAT V - took place September 3-5, 2017 in Bad Herrenalb/Karlsruhe (Germany).

General information MODEGAT V:

MODEGAT V (2017) - conference announcement

MODEGAT V (2017) - preliminary program


Special Issue Emission Control Science and Technology

Invited papers of MODEGAT V were published in a special issue of ECST.


Title: 2017 MODEGAT SEPTEMBER 3-5, BAD HERRENALB, GERMANY (Volume 3, Issue 4, December 2017)

Journal: Emission Control Science and Technology

Issue Editors: Olaf Deutschmann, Daniel Chatterjee

ISSN: 2199-3629 (Print)  2199-3637 (Online)



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Book of Abstracts 2017

A printed version of the Book of Abstracts was handed out during the symposium.

Book of Abstracts MODEGAT V - download


Please note that some "last minute" posters were presented during MODEGAT V which are not included in the Book of Abstracts.



in chronological order as listed in program overview
Author Title

Aleksey Yezerets

Peculiarities of SCR kinetics, and their practical implications


Gianpiero Groppi

Modeling CH4 oxidation


Martin Votsmeier

Modeling Three-Way Catalysts

William P. Partridge Spatial resolution of reactions inside honeycomb monoliths

Oral Presentations

in chronological order as listed in program overview, italic: first/presenting author, asterisk*: corresponding author


Authors Title

S. Liu, W. Hu, I. Nova, E. Tronconi*

A detailed transient kinetic model of the NO-NO2-NH3/O2 SCR reactivity over Cu-zeolites


Y. Jangou, D. Wang, A. Kumar, J. Li, W. S. Epling*

An experimental and modeling study of sulfur poisoning in Cu-SSZ-13 for NH3-SCR applications


K. Wijayanti, A. Kumar, K. Kamasamudram L. Olsson*

New method for studying internal mass transfer in wash-coat, applied on NH3-SCR over Cu/SSZ-13


T. Rammelt, B. Torkashvand, C. Hauck,  J. Böhm, R. Gläser, O. Deutschmann*

Nitric Oxide Reduction of Heavy-Duty Diesel Off-Gas by NH3-SCR in Front of the Turbocharger (Pre-Turbine SCR)


C. Coney, A. Goguet*, C. Stere, A. Raj, S. Wilkinson, M. Caracotsios, C. Hardacre, D. Thompsett



Kinetic Modelling of Water Inhibited Methane Oxidation Reactions over a Pd/Al2O3 Wash-coated Monolith using Spatially and Temporally Resolved Experimental Data


P. Kočí*, A. Arvajová, J. Březina

Modeling of two-step CO oxidation light-off on Pt/γ-Al2O3 in the presence of C3H6 and NOx


Y. Song, L. C. Grabow*

Low temperature NO oxidation catalysts with reduced CO inhibition


J. Bickel*, B. Odendall, G. Eigenberger, U. Nieken

Oxygen storage dominated three-way catalyst modeling – concepts and applicability

I. Belot, D. Vidal, R. E. Hayes, B. van Setten, M. Votsmeier,  F. Bertrand*


Numerical investigation of the impact of washcoat deposition on the performance of particulate filters

A. Arvajová, M. Václavík, M. Leskovjan, M. Plachá, P. Kočí*,

V. Novák, D. Thompsett

Characterization and multi-scale modeling of catalytic filters

N. D. Vlachos*, A. G. Konstandopoulos

Overview of computational methods for nanoparticle aggregate deposition and application to soot deposits

(This presentation was cancelled; the following presentation by P. Lott was given instead.)

Patrick Lott, Andreas Gremminger, Alexey Boubnov, Maria Casapu, Jan-Dierk Grunwaldt*, Olaf Deutschmann*

Long-term activity and reactivation of Pd-based catalysts for total oxidation of methane

D. Dimopoulos, I. Markomanolakis,

G. C. Koltsakis*

Modeling the impact of non-uniform coating thickness on catalyst performance

J. E. Etheridge, G. John, T. C. Watling*

Application of Surrogate Modelling to the Optimisation of Kinetic Parameters in an Emissions Control Catalyst Model using Vehicle Drive Cycle Data

I. Cornejo, P. Nikrityuk, R. E. Hayes*

Studies of the turbulence inside of an automotive catalytic converter

J. C. Wurzenberger*, C. Triebl, S. Kutschi, C. Pötsch

Real-Driving Emissions – system modeling for office and hardware-in-the-loop application

Poster Presentations

in alphabetical order of first author’s last name, italics: first/presenting author, asterisk*: corresponding author

A poster prize was awarded for the following presentations:

- M. Bendrich et al. (Umicore AG & Co. KG, University of Alberta) "Unified Mechanistic Model for Standard SCR, Fast SCR, and NO2 SCR over a Copper Chabazite Catalyst"

- R. Greiner et al. (TU Darmstadt, Umicore AG & Co KG, Fraunhofer ITWM) "Pore scale transport effects in catalytically coated particulate filters: Tomography based reactive flow simulations"

- K. Schürholz et al. (BMW, IRT RWTH Aachen) "Modeling a Three-Way Catalytic Converter using Recurrent Neural Networks"


Authors Title

M. Bendrich, A. Scheuer, R.E. Hayes, M. Votsmeier*

Unified Mechanistic Model for Standard SCR, Fast SCR, and NO2 SCR over a Copper Chabazite Catalyst


B. Betz, R. Hoyer, A. Wörz, M. Votsmeier*

Low temperature CO oxidation: Atomically dispersed Pt/CeO2 and short pulse reductive activation

D. Bounechada*, D. B. Rasmussen, L. Mantaroşie, H. U. Islam, C. Hawkins,

T. C. Watling

Modelling NOX storage and desorption: Is it possible to model the effect of changing the catalyst composition?

J. Březina, P. Boutikos, P. Kočí*

Two-step CO light-off behavior on Pt/γ-Al2O3 catalyst in the presence of C3H6

J. T. Brown*, E. J. Bissett

Carbon Canister and Evaporative Emission Control System (EVAP) Modeling

X. Cai*, M. Wörner, H. Marschall, O. Deutschmann

CFD simulation of liquid back suction and gas bubble formation in connected tubes of different cross-section

C. Chaillou*, A. Bouet, A. Frobert, F. Duffour

DOC investigation of compression ignition engine fuelled with a Low RON Gasoline

H. Dubbe*, G. Eigenberger, U. Nieken

Modelling of conversion hysteresis phenomena on Pt/Pd-based Diesel Oxidation Catalysts (DOCs)

A. Fadic*, R. E. Hayes, M. Votsmeier

Efficient low memory mapping for scale bridging implemented into commercial CFD code

R. Greiner*, T. Prill, O. Iliev, B. van Setten, M. Votsmeier

Pore scale transport effects in catalytically coated particulate filters: Tomography based reactive flow simulations


C. Hahn*, J. Seidel, F. Mertens, S. Kureti

Kinetic modelling of the NH3 adsorption/desorption on Fe/HBEA SCR catalyst

S. Kannepalli, A. Burger, S. Tischer, O. Deutschmann*

Model based optimization of ammonia dosing in NH3-SCR of NOx for transient driving cycle: Model development and simulation

M. Leskovjan, P. Kočí*, T. Maunula

Modeling of a combined exhaust aftertreatment system:


P. Lott, A. Gremminger, A. Boubnov, M. Casapu, J.-D. Grunwaldt*,

O. Deutschmann*

Long-term activity and reactivation of Pd-based catalysts for total oxidation of methane

T. Maunula*, L. Pienipaavola, P. Koci

Utilization of numerical simulations for the development of DOC design from Euro 3 to Euro 6

M. Plachá*, P. Kočí*, V. Novák

Lattice Boltzmann model for flow in porous filters

K. Schürholz*, D. Brückner, D. Abel

Modeling a Three-Way Catalytic Converter using Recurrent Neural Networks


T. Selleri, I. Nova, E. Tronconi*

A Reduced Model for Low Temperature NH3-SCR

X. Seykens*

Control-oriented SCR on Filter model: development, calibration and application

H. Stotz, L. Maier, A. Boubnov, A. Gremminger, S. Valchera, J.-D. Grunwaldt, O. Deutschmann*

Methane Oxidation over PdO: Surface Reaction Kinetics at Fuel Lean Conditions for Dry and Wet Feeds

N. Usberti, U. Iacobone, I. Nova*, E. Tronconi, M. P. Ruggeri, J. E. Collier,

A. P. E. York

ISLE Isotherm: a new approach to NH3 adsorption/desorption modeling over Cu-CHA zeolites

M. Václavík, P. Kočí*, V. Novák, D. Thompsett

The effect of transport on the performance of LNT+DOC system in dual-layer or sequential arrangement



MODEGAT special issue

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