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Reaktive Strömungen und heterogene Katalyse

Seminar zur aktuellen Forschung der Arbeitsgruppe von Prof. Dr. Olaf Deutschmann. Vortragssprache ist i.d.R. englisch.

Ansprechpartner für Rückfragen zum Vortragsprogramm ist Dr. Günter Schoch.

Termin: Dienstags, 14:00 Uhr, HS 006, Geb. 11.21, Engesserstr. 20, KIT, CS

Vorträge im Rahmen des Seminars


Vortragsprogramm SS 2018

Date Lecturer (ITCP/KIT) Title
17. 4. Jonas Amsler Selective catalytic reduction - Modeling of phase transitions during the decomposition of aquous urea solutions
24. 4.

1. Justus Diercks


2. Patrick Rohlfs

1. Solid state ammonia synthesis electrode material characterization and testing in a protonic ceramic electrochemical cell 

2. Einfluss des Benetzungsverhaltens auf die Blasenzerteilung an einem Zylinder

8. 5. Mario Eck Experimental investigations on oxidation catalysts for exhaust gas aftertreatment
15. 5. Thomas Schedlbauer Formaldehyde oxidation over precious and non-precious metal catalysts
29. 5.

1. Bentolhoda Torkashvand*

2. Sara Bernart

1. Homogeneous oxidation of light alkanes in the exhaust of lean-burn gas engines

2. Modellstudie zur Ablagerungsbildung durch Harnstofffolgeprodukte im Abgasstrang eines Dieselmotors

12. 6. Marion Börnhorst Spray/Wall Interaction and Deposit Formation in Ammonia-SCR Systems
3. 7. Samuel Engeda tba
10.7. Arijit Majumdar Numerical simulation of droplet impingement on a hydrophobic surface

*: gemeinsames Seminar mit AK Grunwaldt


Vortragsprogramm WS 17/18

 Date Lecturer (ITCP, KIT) Title


1. Kunlanan Wiranarongkorn, MS
2. Kyle Karinshak, MS

1. Analysis of the sorption enhanced steam reforming in solid oxide fuel cells
2. Introduction and Highlights from Past Research

 1. Justus Diercks

2. Robert Hegner

1. Model-based performance analysis of a solid oxide co-electrolyzer to produce syngas for industrial applications
2. Methane Pyrolysis in Piston Engines - A Novel Approach to Exergy Storage
24.10.2017 Sarvenaz Farsi, MS (IMVT) Development and detailed investigation of a compact microstructured catalytic reactor for methanation of CO/CO2.
05.12.2017 Hendrik Goßler Recent progress on CARMEN
12.12.2017 Andreas Giehr Development of microkinetic reaction mechanism for dry reforming on Cobalt catalysts
19.12.2017 Aayan Banerjee Numerical Modeling of Solid Oxide Cells and Stacks
16.01.2017 Patrick Rohlfs, BS Influence of the wetting behavior on the decay of bubbles in a cylinder (Einfluss des Benetzungsverhaltens auf den Blasenzerfall an einem Zylinder)
23.01.2017 David Schweigert Investigation of spray/wall-Interaction in SCR-systems with particular regard to physical material properties
30.01.2017 Patrick Lott* Total oxidation of methane for exhaust gas aftertreatment
06.02.2017 Bentolhoda Torkashvand* Numerical study on catalytic exhaust gas aftertreatment of gas engines

*: gemeinsames Seminar mit AK Grunwaldt
**: Achtung! Termin liegt ausserhalb der Vorlesungszeit




Vortragsprogramm SS 17

 Date Lecturer (ITCP, KIT) Title


1. Kevin Keller

2. Henning Stotz

1. Bachelor- Vortrag, Titel wird noch bekanntgegeben                                                                 2. Methane Oxidation over Palladium Oxide - A Detailed Study
16.05.2017 Daniel Schmider Bachelor- Vortrag: Investigation of NH3 production using steam and N2 in a proton-conducting Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cell: cell manufacture
23.05.2017 Thomas Schedlbauer tba
27.06.2017 1. Ulrich Würth

2. Simon Schmidt
1. Master- Vortrag: Spray/wall-interaction in urea SCR systems: temperature and heat transfer effects
2. Abschluß Master, Titel wird noch bekanntgegeben
04.07.2017 1. Marion Börnhorst

2. Yanchen Wu
1. Spray/wall-interaction and deposit formation in urea SCR systems
2.  Zwischenvortrag Master, Titel: "Numerical Simulation of Droplet Impact and Rebound on a Wall"
11.07.2017 Samuel Engeda Effect of engine pulsating Flow on TWC
18.07.2017 Mino Woo Numerical simulation of gas-liquid Taylor flow with catalyzed heterogeneous reaction
25.07.2017 Anna B. Abai Numerical and experimental investigation
of thermal decomposition of urea

* Gemeinsames Kolloquium mit AK Grunwaldt


Vortragsprogramm WS 16/17

 Date Lecturer Title

Aayan Banerjee


A Robust Micro-Kinetic Model for the Reduction of O2 on LSM-YSZ Composite Cathodes

Mino Woo


Numerical simulation of gas-liquid Taylor flow with catalyzed heterogeneous reaction

Andreas Giehr


Dry reforming on cobalt based catalysts

Cai, Xuan


Modelling and Simulation of Multiphase Flows Interacting with Solid Structures

Hendrik Goßler


The Internal Combustion Engine as a Natural Gas Reformer


Gremminger, Andreas


Patrick Lott


Exhaust-gas after-treatment of gas engines



Oxidation of methane on noble metal catalysts for exhaust gas after-treatment


Bentolhoda Torkashvand


Modeling study of the catalytic exhaust gas aftertreatment of gas driven engines

* Joint seminar with group of Prof. Grunwaldt



Vortragsprogramm SS 2016


Alexey Boubnov



Robert Franz


Uncovering deactivation mechanisms of Pd-Pt catalysts for methane oxidation by X-ray absorption and infrared spectroscopy Composite Cathodes


Abschlussvortrag Masterarbeit: Oxidative dehydrogenation of n-butane and butenes over Mo based catalysts in a two-zone fluidized bed reactor


Simone Valchera

(Poli Torino, ITCP, KIT)*

High pressure methane oxidation on supported noble metal catalysts in exhaust gas
aftertreatment system

Prof. Galen Fisher *

(University of Michigan)

Exhaust gas after-treatment

Enrico Japke


Patrick Lott


VOC oxidation over V-SCR


Methane oxidation on noble metal catalysts for exhaust gas after-treatment


Samuel Engeda



Thomas Schedlbauer


Holistic three way catalyst model



Formaldehyde oxidation over Pt-based catalysts under varying conditions - effect of sulfur poisoning


Anna B. Abai


Numerical modeling of deposit formation in exhaust gas after-treatment system

Julius Rischard


Oxidative Dehydrogenation of C4-Hydrocarbons in a Two-Zone Fluidized Bed Reactor

Henning Stotz


Methane Oxidation over PdO

Marion Börnhorst


Experimental studies on deposit formation due to urea injection for NOx-SCR

* gemeinsam mit dem Arbeitskreis von Prof. Dr. Jan-Dierk Grunwaldt



Vortragsprogramm SS 2015

14.04.15 Samuel Engeda (ITCP, KIT) Modeling a 3W-CAT using ANSYS CFX

Benedikt Metzger (ITCP des KIT)

Jesko Danzeisen (ITCP, KIT)

Abschlussvortrag Bachelorarbeit

In-Situ Untersuchung zur Methan- und CO-Oxidation an Pd-Katalysatoren an verschiedenen experimentellen Geometrien

12.05.15 Henning Stot (ITCPC, KIT) Methane Oxidation over Palladium: On The Mechanism in Rich Methane-Oxygen Mixtures at High Temperatures
19.05.15 Xuan Cai (ITCP, KIT) Phase Field Simulation of Two-phase Flows on and through Solid Structures
02.06.15 Günter Schoch (ITCP, KIT ) Chemistry of the hydrolysis and thermolysis of urea
09.06.15 Matthias Hettel (ITCP, KIT) How to make a CFD calculation with FLUENT
23.06.15 Anna Bertótiné Abai (ITCP, KIT) Modeling and numerical simulation of chemical reactions in gas-phase and liquid-phase in ex-haust gas aftertreatment systems
07.07.15 Andreas Gremminger (ITCP, KIT) Methane oxidation on noble-metal catalysts
14.07.15 Julius Rischard (ITCP, KIT) Dehydrogenation and oxidative dehydrogenation of butenes in a TZFBR.


Vortragsprogramm WS 14/15

04.11.2014 Aayan Banerjee (ITCP des KIT) Design, modeling and testing of a counterflow alumina RPC heat exchanger
11.11.2014 Jesko Danzeisen (ITCP des KIT) In-situ Untersuchungen zur CO- und CH4-Oxidation an Pd (Zwischenbericht Diplomarbeit)
  Mino Woo (IKFT) Development of a CFD-code for reactive two-phase flows with detailed chemistry
09.12.2014 S. Kennepalli (ITCP des KIT) Optimization of precious metal Loading in zone- layered catalysts
15.12.2014 Julian Bär (ITCPC des KIT) CPOX of liquid hydrocarbon mixtures and kerosenes*
13.01.2015 Julius Rischard (ITCP des KIT) Oxidative dehydrogenation with V-Mo based catalysts in a TZFBR
20.01.2015 Alexander Zellner (IKFT des KIT ) 2D in-situ investigations of catalytic NO reduction by planar laser-induced fluorescence
27.01.2015 Hendrik Gossler (ITCP des KIT) First results of the optimization of operating parameters of a piston engine operated as a chemical reactor
10.02.2015 Jesko Danzeisen (ITCP des KIT) In-situ Untersuchungen zur CO- und CH4-Oxidation an Pd (Abschlussbericht Diplomarbeit)

*Dieser Vortrag findet ausnahmsweise auf dem CN im IKFT, Raum 202, 1. OG in Bau 727 statt.


Vortragsprogramm SS 2014

Datum   Vortragender im AKD   Titel
06.05. Xuan Cai to be announced
13.05. Sercan Erdogan Insights in liquid phase pseudo-turbulence and its transport equation by direct numerical simulations of bubble swarms
27.05. Dr. Martin Wörner Verweilzeitverteilung in laminaren Rohr- und Kanalströmungen
03.06. Henning Stotz to be announced
10.06. Jochen Schütz Characterisation of de- and reactivated Pt/Pd- catalysts
17.06. Andreas Gremminger to be announced

1. Vikram Menon

2. Christian Hauck

1. A model based understanding of SOECs for syngas production

2. Probevortrag zur Promotionsprüfung

01.07. Julius Rischard Alumina based catalysts in a two zone fluidized bed reactor
08.07. Frank Kuhn to be announced
15.07. Behnam Mozaffari to be announced