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Arbeitskreis Deutschmann

We work on environmental and climate friendly novel chemical technologies. Our current research projects focus on the reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases (CO2, CH4, N2O) and local pollutants (NOx, particulate matter etc.) from processes in chemical industry, traffic, transportation, and the energy sector. Aside from developing advanced experimental tools for a better understanding of chemical reactors, we give a special emphasis on mathematical modeling and numerical simulation of technical processes.

The Deutschmann research group is part of the Institute for Chemical Technology and Polymer Chemistry (ITCP) and belongs to both the Faculty of Chemistry and Biosciences and the Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering within Division I at KIT.

In catalysis research, we are closely linked to the IKFT and the Grunwaldt group. Our joint work on emission control is part of the Exhaust Gas Center Karlsruhe and the CRC 1441 TrackAct. In the ENERMAT laboratory, we study fuel and electrolysis cells. Within the CRC/TRR150 we collaborate with TU Darmstadt on reactive flows.



Save the new date: MODEGAT VII postponed

The next international symposium on Modeling of Exhaust-Gas After-Treatment (MODEGAT) will be held in 2022. The organizers believe that the interactive and collaborative spirit of MODEGAT is best created through face-to-face contact and have therefore decided against a virtual format. MODEGAT VII will take place September 11-13, 2022, in Bad Herrenalb/Karlsruhe, Germany. For updates regarding a call for abstracts, registration, and more visit the conference website January 2021.

Patrick Lott receives VAA Excellence Award 2020VAA – Führungskräfte Chemie/Maria Schulz
Excellence Award of the VAA Foundation for Patrick Lott

Deutschmann group Senior Scientist Dr. Patrick Lott received the Excellence Award of the VAA Foundation during a small, festive ceremony in Cologne. The prize, which is endowed with € 5,000, is awarded once a year in recognition of outstanding dissertations with industrial application relevance. 09.12.2020

CRC 1441 TrackActKIT/ ITCP
New CRC "TrackAct" funded by DFG

The DFG funds a new Collaborative Research Centre (CRC 1441) “Tracking the Active Site in Heterogeneous Catalysis for Emission Control” (TrackAct) for the understanding of catalytic processes. The vision of TrackAct is to design noble metal catalysts with atomic precision and to monitor and control the active site in the reactor and the technical application. Sofia Angeli and Olaf Deutschmann are among the 23 principal investigators of this new CRC. 02.12.2020.

M. BörnhorstMarion Börnhorst
Dissertation award for Marion Börnhorst

Dr.-Ing. Marion Börnhorst, senior scientist in the Deutschmann group, was selected by KIT's internal selection committee for this year's dissertation award of the Friedrich and Elisabeth Boysen Foundation. Currently, she is head of the research group "Multiphase Processes and Reactors" with five PhD students and is working towards her habilitation. 25.11.2020

ChemPhysChem VeryImportantPaperSui Wan et al.
ChemPhysChem announces our #VeryImportantPaper on Twitter

Our recent study on Spatially and Temporally Resolved Measurements of NO Adsorption/Desorption over NOx-Storage Catalyst by Sui Wan et al., published as #VeryImportantPaper by ChemPhysChem revealed the potential of PLIF as very useful tool to investigate the interaction between surface kinetics and the surrounding gas flow, especially for transient catalytic processes. 29.10.2020

News_2020-11_Boysen-funded_projectMarion Börnhorst et al.
Enhanced mass transport in CO2 absorption

The Friedrich and Elisabeth Boysen Foundation has approved funding for a joint initiative on mass transport enhancement in CO2 absorption processes. The project under direction of Dr. Marion Börnhorst will investigate potentials for an increase in interfacial mass transport by surface structure induced mixing and will be conducted in collaboration with the Institute of Thermal Turbomachinery at KIT. 4.11.2020

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