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The Combustion Institute awards Gold medals to ITCP associates Professor H. Bockhorn, former head of our institute ITCP, received the Inaugural Jürgen Warnatz Gold Medal of The Combustion Institute on the occasion of the International Symposium on Combustion in Seoul/Korea in August 2016. Professor R.J. Kee, Colorado School of Mines, visiting professor at ITCP, received the Bernard Lewis Gold Medal at the same occasion. 15.08.2016
New Cooperation with EIFER

KIT and EIFER recently agreed to jointly build and operate ENERMAT, a laboratory designated to the synthesis/processing of materials and testing of cells. 28.06.2016

European Symposium on Chemical Reaction Engineering

Plenary lecture of Olaf Deutschmann at European Symposium on Chemical Reaction Engineering, Fuerstenfeldbruck, Germany, 27.10.2015

Inauguration of new pilot reformer at Linde

The new process enables energy-efficient, low-emission synthesis gas production with economical industrial-scale use of CO2 as feedstock. The development was supported by modeling work of Dr. Lea Kahle, Dr. Karla Herrera-Herrera, and Dr. Lubow Maier from the Deutschmann group at KIT. 15.10.2015