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Combustion Institute honors Olaf Deutschmann

Olaf Deutschmann was honored with the lifetime title “Fellow of The Combustion Institute” for pioneering research in heterogeneous catalysis in support of combustion and energy-conversion technologies.


Plenary Lecture at Bunsentagung

"Reaction Mechanisms for Power Generation, Transportation and Energy Storage" will be the title of Olaf Deutschmann's plenary lecture at this year's Bunsentagung "Kinetics in the Real World", which will take place May 10-12, 2018, in Hannover, Germany. 05.02.2018

FCI scholarship recipients meet at ITCP

Regional recipients of a scholarship by the "Fonds der Chemischen Industrie" met on January 18, 2018 in Karlsruhe. They were invited by Professor Deutschmann. With Janin Offenloch, Hannah Rothfuß, Patrick Lott, and Florian Maurer, no less than four recipients are working on their doctorate at our institute. Read more. 20.01.2018


New Sino-German project granted

The German Science Foundation DFG and the National Science Foundation of China NSFC recently granted the joint project "Homogenous gas-phase reactions in exhaust-gas tail pipes of internal combustion engines", in which Prof. Olaf Deutschmann (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), Prof. Katharina Kohse-Hoeinghaus (Bielefeld University) and Prof. Fei Qi (Jiao Tong University Shanghai) will closely cooperate. Several research visits on both sides will bring together relevant and competitive researchers from Germany and China. 28.12.2017

"Freunde der Chemischen Technik Karlsruhe" - Award for ITCP members

Dr. Lubow Maier and laboratory technician Wolfgang Arbogast of the ITCP received the "Preis der Freunde der Chemischen Technik Karlsruhe e.V.". The non-profit promotional organization awarded them for their long-standing and excellent work in the field of science and with students and apprentices, respectively. 21.12.2017

ProcessNet poster price for Mino Woo

Group member Mino Woo received the "ProcessNet (Fachgruppe Mehrphasenströmungen) Posterpreis 2017" for his work "A Numerical Study on Gas-Liquid Taylor Flow for Catalytic Hydrogenation of Nitrobenzene with Detailed Kinetic Mechanism" at the annual meeting in Dresden. Congratulations! 15.03.2017