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Prof. Dr. Olaf Deutschmann
Sekretariat +49 721 608 43064 Fax +49 721 608 44805
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6th International Symposium on Modeling of Exhaust-Gas After-Treatment

September 8-10, 2019

Bad Herrenalb/Karlsruhe, Germany





6th International Conference on Structured Catalysts and Reactors

September 11-13, 2019

Bad Herrenalb/Karlsruhe, Germany


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Leopoldina statement: Clean Air

Olaf Deutschmann served as an expert of the National Academy of Sciences, Leopoldina, working on the statement "Saubere Luft: Stickstoffoxide und Feinstaub in der Atemluft:Grundlagen und Empfehlungen", which says: "The goal is a nationwide, interdepartmental strategy for air pollution control that considers nitrogen oxides and particulate matter as well as other pollutants and greenhouse gases from all sources". 30.04.2019

Research overview

Find out more about our recent work in this "Overview on research results of the Deutschmann group in 2018". 30.01.2019

DFG funds CRC/Transregio 150

The German Research Foundation (DFG) grants funding of the CRC/Transregio 150 “Turbulent, Chemically Reactive, Multi-Phase Flows Near Walls" for the period 2019-2022. ITCP is involved in the projects A06, B05, B08, and C04. 26.11.2018

Special distinction for paper

The new Applied Energy article "Hierarchical modeling of solid oxide cells and stacks producing syngas via H2O/CO2Co-electrolysis for industrial applications" (DOI: 10.1016/j.apenergy.2018.08.122) by Aayan Banerjee, Yuqing Wang, Justus Dierks, and O.D. recieved special distinction and is published in the special section of Progress in Applied Energy. 23.09.2018

Project kick-off "MethQuest"

Kick-off of BMWi funded project MethQuest (total budget 32 Mio €) dealing with the conversion of renewable power to natural gas and its use in combustion engines. Our group works on high-temperature electrolysis and emission control in the subprojects MethFuel and MethMare, respectively.