Center for Emission Control Karlsruhe

The Center for Emission Control Karlsruhe offers comprehensive services in the field of emission control for mobile and stationary sources. Due to many years of successful work in the field of catalytic pollution control, the participating research groups of Prof. Dr. Olaf Deutschmann (KIT) and Prof. Dr. Jan-Dierk Grunwaldt (KIT) enjoy international recognition. The constant cooperation with numerous well-known manufacturers from automotive industry and stationary energy-related applications underlines the confidence of the industry in our competence.

The complementary core competences of testing, theory, and characterization, including the access to modern large-scale facilities (e.g. synchrotron radiation sources), of the exhaust gas center are of decisive advantage. They enabled a thorough fundamental research and an effective transfer or knowledge-based development of innovative and future-oriented ideas.

Our activities/services cover catalyst preparation, coating, and characterization, testing of catalyst powders and coated honeycombs by systematic kinetic measurements under model and complex reaction conditions, as well as modelling of various aspects in the field of catalysis and emission control. Thus, not only reaction mechanisms are investigated using elementary kinetics and global kinetics, but also complex flow and temperature distribution simulations are conducted.

In addition to several advanced test benches, a soot generator and a stationary diesel engine are available for realistic catalytic investigations.

In particular, we offer as service measurements the evaluation and characterization of catalyst materials but also various kinds of analysis. Of course, we are also interested in cooperation or joint projects.