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Prof. Dr. J.-D. Grunwaldt:

Wednesday, 12.15 - 13.00, and always after telephone contact / tel. 42120

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Bachelor, Master and PhD courses

Courses are taking place online.

Summer semester:


Bachelor course on chemical technology and polymer chemistry "Angewandte Chemie"  - (summer semester)

Bachelor studies in Chemical Technology and Polymer Chemistry, further information here .

Spectroscopy and scattering methods at synchrotron radiation sources: Physico-chemical basics and application in catalysis (summer semester)

Master and PhD-course focussing on exploiting synchrotron methods in catalysis, EXAFS-data analysis, in situ spectroscopy; further information here .

Catalysis for sustainable chamicals and energies (summer semester)

Master and PhD-course focussing on exploiting renewable energies for producing sustainable chemicals and fuels; further information here .

Chemical technology III: Processes and unit operations (summer semester)

Further information here.


Winter semester:


Chemical technology II: Catalysis (winter semester)

Further information here .

Modern charakterization methods in materials science and catalysis (winter semester)

Master and PhD-course on the characterization of heterogeneous catalysts; further information here .

Modern concepts in industrial heterogeneously catalyzed processes (winter semester)

Master and PhD-course, from mechanistic understanding to the industrial process, modern trends; further information here .

Block course: Technologies and resources for renewable energies - from wind and solar to chemical energy storage (winter semester)

Further information here.




Fundamentals of Chemistry for students of Mechanical Engineering

Informations about the lecture "Fundamentals of Chemistry" for students of Mechanical Engineering can be found under this Link.

Information on further lectures

Further information is provided on our institute homepage