Wiley Analytical Science Magazine Sept 2022

The September 2022 online magazine from Wiley Publishing (Wiley Analytical Science magazine) will feature two articles about our group's work on combined methods for molecular characterization of polymers
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Cover page for: Wiley Analytical Science Magazine 01 - Passion for Polymers
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Cover page of : Wiley Analytical Science Magazin 02 - Chemically sensitive detection in HPLC

In the current issue of the online magazine of Wiley Analytical Science, the work of our research group on combined methods is presented in two articles, first the general work on combined methods in "Passion for Polymers" and on the other hand the latest variant of our combined methods, NMR-HPLC coupling, in "Chemically sensitive detection in HPLC"

On the left you can see the cover images of both articles. You can either read these articles online and graphically animated in the Wiley Online Magazine (Wiley Analytical Science Magazine, Vol 5, Special Issue, Sept 2022) or download them as PDF (lower quality):
PDF "Passion for Polymers"
PDF "Chemically sensitive detection in HPLC"