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The basic idea of all research topics is the connection between the molecular structure of polymers and the mechanical properties or application properties of the polymer material. This results in the synthesis of model polymers with defined properties, e.g. topology on the one hand, and the characterization of mechanical properties using rheological and other characterization methods on the other.

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News from the group
NMR90+ ProbenwechslerNico Dingenouts
Sample changer for medium-field NMR

Yet another addition to our equipment! With the new sample changer, even time-consuming measurements can be carried out conveniently with the Medium-Field-NMR device from Magritek. Examples are 2D-NMR measurements, both in 1H and 13C, which are now possible around the clock.

 University Amsterdam
PhD Examination in Amsterdam

Prof. Wilhelm as an Examiner for an Phd "Combined Methods in SEC" at the University of Amsterdam at September 2023, 28th. There a PhD-Exam is really tradition-conscious and solemn!

Alumni 2023Nico Dingenouts
Alumni Meeting 2023

The 9th Meeting of Alumni, Friends and Coopoeration Partners of the Prof. Wilhelm Group took place on September 15, 2023. About 80 guests, 50 of them alumni and cooperation partners, did not miss the chance to meet again in persona after the online meeting in 2021.

 Nico Dingenouts
Medium Field NMR

Expansion of our facilities:
The new medium-field NMR device from Magritek (Spinsolve 90) significantly expands our possibilities both in direct polymer analysis and in combination with other analytical methods (SEC, HPLC).

Cover Page Applied Polymer Science Applied Polymer Science, Nico Dingenouts
Coverpage Applied Polymer Science

One of our latest articles in Applied Polymer Science made the front page in Applied Polymer Science January 2023.

Our congratulations to Christos Georgantopoulos !

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BildWiley AS
Wiley Analytical Science Magazine

In the current issue of the online magazine of Wiley Publication, the work of our research group on combined methods is presented in two articles, first the general work on combined methods in "Passion for Polymers" and second the newsest version of our combined methods, NMR-HPLC coupling, in "Chemically sensitive detection in HPLC".

BildKNAUER Wissenschaftliche Geräte GmbH
Knauer Award 2022

Congratulations: The "Herbert Knauer Science Award 2022" goes to Markus Matz from our group!
In the new combined method using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) as a detection method for liquid chromatograph, the resolution of the benchtop NMR instrument used was significantly improved and is therefore an important step in the direction of making NMR detection more tangible for standard laboratories.

Award Rheological ActaNico DIngenouts
Publication Award Rheological Acta

The Publication of Valerian Hirschberg of our Group

"Nonlinear mechanical behavior of elastomers under tension/tension fatigue deformation as determined by Fourier transform" (DOI 10.1007/s00397-021-01310-3 )

was awarded with the Publication Award 2022 of the journal "Rheological Acta" at the AERC conference 2022, April in Seville.