Welcome to the department "Polymeric Materials" at ITCP
Hauptgebäude 11.23 Nico Dingenouts
Main building of the working group, building 11.23
MZE Nico Dingenouts
Second building of the working group, MZE, Geb 30.48

Here you will find general information about the Institute ITCP (Institute of Technical Chemistry and Polymer Chemistry) and the department "Polymeric Materials".

The research topics of the working group and information about studies and teaching can be found on separate pages.

Find out about the history of the institute or get an impression of the activities at the institute in the news archive.

Polymer chemistry in Karlsruhe looks back on a long tradition since the beginning of the 20th century, among others with H. Staudinger and W. Kuhn, widely known personalities in polymer science.
Today, with Prof. Wilhelm (Polymeric Materials) and Prof. Theato (Preparative Macromolecular Chemistry) at ITCP and Prof. Meier (Meier Group) at the Institute of Organic Chemistry, there are three research groups at KIT dealing exclusively with polymers; in addition, research on polymers is carried out in several other research groups.