Group Wilhelm: Research subjects for students
Bild Nico Dingenouts
Anionic synthesis
Bild, Markus Breig
GPC and NMR for characterisation of polymers
Bild Nico Dingenouts
Emulsion polymerisation
Bild Nico Dingenouts
Mechanical characterisation (Rheology)

Are you interested in synthesis or characterization of polymers?

You would like to work in an interdisciplinary group from synthetic chemists to physicists and engineers?

HiWi or student research project ?
We are always happy to supervise motivated students in their student research projects or to offer an insight into our working group as an auxiliary scientist (HiWi).

Doctoral thesis or postdoc?
We regularly have open positions for doctoral theses in chemistry and engineering. We are also happy to support you in starting a scientific career, e.g. as a postdoc.

Write to us or come by directly !
Please also ask us personally if you do not find the right topic among the selection of open/possible topics!

The following lists serve for your orientation, but are not complete, further work is always possible if you are interested. Please ask personally!(Mail to Prof. Wilhelm)

Please also inform yourself about our Research areas in general, there you will also find selected examples of already published scientific articles.

Selection of current open topics
  • Student research projects on anionic synthesis of model polymers
  • Study work on the synthesis of hydrogels via microfluidic to control the shape and size of the resulting hydrogels
  • Study work on the use of hydrogels for desalination/osmotic engine
  • Postdoc: Method development in the field of capillary rheology, new nozzles for determination of normal forces
  • Postdoc: Simulation of polymeric systems, e.g. using constitutive equations
Suggestion of further possible topics for student research projects or doctoral theses
  • Anionic synthesis of model polymers, e.g. branched topologies or thermoplastic elastomers
  • Synthesis of hydrogels, radical and anionic
  • Block copolymers and possible applications (thermoplastic elastomers, structuring of materials/surfaces)
  • Foaming of polymers, optimization of the molecular structure of polymers for the foaming process
  • Investigation of new applications of polymers (hydrogels for desalination or as for use in an osmosis engine)
  • Rheological characterization of polymers
  • Spectroscopic characterization of polymers
  • Method development, e.g. combination of rheological methods with spectroscopic ones, or further detectors with chemical sensitivity for gel permeation chromatography
  • Method development in the field of rheology, e.g. new nozzles for capillary rheometers
  • Simulation of polymer systems, e.g. using constitutive equations