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Hier finden Sie ausgewählte Meldungen über die Aktivitäten unseres Institutes.
Here you find a list of selected news from the past to offer an impression of the activities in our research group.


Ausgewählte Meldungen / Selected anouncements

Rheologie-Award 2020 of the German Rheological Society for Dr. Volker Räntzsch, many congratulations to him!. This price honors outstanding dissertations in the rheological field and gets awarded every two years. Volker Räntzsch finished his dissertation in Juli 2018, his dissertation "Polymer Crystallization under Quiescent and Flow Conditions: Relationships between Molecular Dynamics, Morphology, and Rheology" received the price in 2020.

The award ceremony will be online on Nov. 14th

Nov 2020  

ERNST-AWARD: Congratulations to Mr. Carlo Botha! He received the Ernst-Award 2020 (Award for outstanding publications of young scientists, GDCh Fachgruppe Magnetische Resonanzspektroskopie) for his Publikation Botha et al., Polym. Chem. 10, 2230–2246 (2019), "On-line SEC-MR-NMR hyphenation. Optimization of sensitivity and selectivity on a 62 MHz benchtop NMR spectrometer" (Details (DOI, Titlepage) in our list of publications).
Time and place of the award ceremony are unknown due to Covid19.

Nov 2020  
New Equipment: Static and Dynamic Light Scattering : Fully equipped system from ALV, Germany allows characterization of colloids and polymer in solution in arbitrary solvents. Okt 2019  
The 7th Meeting Alumni and Cooperation Partner took place at September, the 13th. Sept 2019  
Congratulation for V. Hirschberg: Sucessfull Ph.D. defence in Quebec, Kanada at Laval University Mar 2019
Cover page: Latest article about applications of combined methods on crystallising polymers [Raentzsch et al., 2019] achieved a coverpage in Macromol. Chem. Engineering Feb 2019
Lecture industrial polymer chemistry:
Interested in industrial polymer chemistry? In correlation between molecular parameters and the macroscopic world? Take a look at: "Industrial polymer chemistry", Block lecture (4 blocks a 3 h, first date 19.2.2019) of Dr. Jean-Pierre Lindner (BASF-AG). More Information here.
Jan 2019
New Equipment: Foaming reactor for polymers : High pressure up to 600 bar allows foaming in new qualities Dez 2018
Highlighted Research Article: Our Research on Fatique in Polymers (Hirschberg et al., 2018) was highlighted in the Canadien Engineering research news (Advances in Engineering) Okt 2018
New Group Picture Sept 2018
Group Seminar in Rastatt, 5.-7. Sept 2019 Sept 2018
Three PhD at once, congratulation to all July 2018
Contratulations to Miriam Cziep April 2018
New Equipment: SEC-QCL-IR, Combined Characterization : Self developed combination based on IR-Laser offers the possibility to detect also rare functional groups, e.g. branching points Jan 2018
Sucessfull dissertation of Kamran Riazi Dez 2017
media resonance superabsorber
Our research about super absorber for cleaning of water is represented in the new Evonik Online Magazin (magazin.evonik.de) about water. The magazin can be read online but is also available in print e.g. in the Deutsche Bahn. Here you can download the article of Prof. Wilhelm as a PDF file.
Nov 2017
Introduction Capillary Rheology
A short and SIMPLE introduction about capillary rheology has been given by Prof. Manfred Wilhelm at the official opening of the new building of the company Göttfert in Buchen, Germany.
Cover Page Advanced Science
Glückwunsch an Lukas Arens: Sein letzter Artikel ("Osmotic Engine: Translating Osmotic Pressure into Macroscopic Mechanical Force via Poly(Acrylic Acid) Based Hydrogels") ziert das Cover Page des Fach Journals Advance Science.
Hier Links für die Cover Page und den vollständigen Artikel (open acces journal).
Okt 2017
The 6th Meeting Alumni and Cooperation Partner took place at September, the 22th. Sept 2017
New Equipment: Rheometer ARES G2 : The second instrument of this high end rheometer offering higher measurement capacity for our group Sept 2017
New Equipment: SEC-NMR-combination : With this new combination we want to achieve chemical information combined with simultaneously recovered size information and separation. July 2017
Sucessfull dissertation of Karl Ratzsch July 2017
New Equipment: Keyence digital microscope : A digital microscope for surfaces (incidient light microscope) with special focus stacking for extremely high depth of field June 2017
New Equipment: Haake Minijet Pro : A new injection moulding machine for extremely sample amounts starting from 2ml offereing the possibility for reproducible and fast sample preparation Mar 2017
New Equipment: Capillary rheometer Göttfert rheograph 50 : A new, sensitive capillary rheometer offering acess to extremely high shear rates of up to 6 Mill 1/s Oct 2016
New Equipment: NMR spectrometer Magritek Spinsolve 60 : 1H-NMR Benchtop spectrometer with spectral resolution, based on permanent magnets, so no need for liquid helium or nitrogen Oct 2016
Internal Group Meeting in Hohenwart, Pforzheim Sep 2016
New Group picture Sep 2016
New Building MZE is finished. The group has now acces to three additional labs (one chemical, two analytical labs) and office space for 10 people. Aug 2016
Expertenprofil Prof. Wilhelm erstellt durch die Pressestelle des KITs April 2016
Sucessfull dissertation of Lukas Schwab Feb 2016
5th Meeting Alumni and Cooperation Partner Sep 2015
Entropierad auf der Hannovermesse April 2015
Osmose-Motor in KIT-News Mar 2015
Boysen-price for Dr. Johannes Höpfner Jan 2015
Internal Group Meeting in Heidelberg Sep 2014
Osmose motor: A polymeric hydrogel and the concentration gradient from salt water to fresh water can be used to drive a motor. See more details in our researc areas. May 2014
AERC 2014: Annual European Rheological Conference
The Conference in Karlsruhe organized by our research group and the group of Prof. Willenbacher has been a big success, please see a short summary of the conference.
April 2014
Unsere Forschung in TV/Radio/Zeitung (Our research activities were presented in TV/radio/newspaper): Unser Forschungsgebiet der Meerwasserentsalzung im Fernsehen ("Wissen vor 8", Montag, 3.2.2014, ARD, 19:45) Feb 2014
 4th Meeting Alumni and Cooperation Partner Sep 2013
AERC 2014 (Annual European Rheology Conference) 2014 will take place in Karlsruhe. It is organized by the Groups of Prof. Willenbacher (MVM) and Prof. Wilhelm (ITCP). Here you can download the flyer (2nd version) of the conference April 2013
Latest version of the Entropie wheel offers sufficient mechanical power to haul off a passenger car Dez 2012
Our Research Area "water desalination" was nominated for the technology award "Neo2012" of the Region Karlsruhe Nov 2012
Our Research Area "water desalination" in printed media: VAA-Magazin Oktober 2012 (Verband Akademiker & Angestellte in the chemical industry) Okt 2012
Institutseminar am Trifels in Annweiler (Bindersbach): Wissenschaft und Erholung im Pfälzerwald Sep 2012
Sendung mit der Maus zeigt aktuelle Forschung für Kinder:
Sendetermin für die Sendung über das Entropierad
Sep 2012
Latest version of the Entropie wheel in operation, demonstrate the use of polymers as a heat engine, gets sold to the company Datwyler (Switzerland, leading materials expertise and comprehensive process know-how) Jun 2012
Unsere Forschung in TV/Radio/Zeitung (Our research activities were presented in TV/radio/newspaper): Unser Forschungsgebiet der Meerwasserentsalzung im Fernsehen (SWR-Landesschau, 26.05.2012, WMV, 9 MB) und im Radio (SRW2 Impuls, 21.05.2012, MP3, 1.3 MB) und in der Zeitung (BNN, 19.6.2012) Mai 2012
Jun 2012
New Equipment: TA Instruments DHR3 : The most sensitive rheometer in terms of torque and displacement installed in wurope for the first time Apr 2012 
Sendung mit der Maus zeigt aktuelle Forschung für Kinder: Drehtermin für eine Sendung über das Entropierad Mar 2012
Wasser aus Windeln: Unser Forschungsgebiet der Meerwasserentsalzung im Innovationsbericht des KIT 2011: Wählen Sie Station Nr.9 Mar 2012
Neue Entsalzungstechnik unseres Instituts auf dem Weg zur Vermarktung: Die Technik Polyelektrolyte zur Meerwasserentsalzung wird als aktuelles Projekt von den Siegern des Modellprojekts Research to Business live ausgewählt Nov 2011 
New Equipment: Rheotens, a extension for capillary rheometer and extruders for elongational rheology or the simulation of fiber spinning Nov 2011 
Institutsausflug 2011: Trifels: Wandern durch mittelalterliche Geschichte  Sep 2011 
3rd Meeting Alumni and Cooperation Partner  Sep 2011 
New Equipment: Zeta Potential for the characterisation of charged colloids, important for the stability of the colloidal system Apr 2011 
New Equipment: Static light scattering and dn/dc measurement: Molecular weight determination for polymers and prerequisite data for multi detection size-exclusion chromatography (SEC) Jan 2011 
Institutseminar in Lauterbad: Wissenschaft und Erholung im Schwarzwald Sep 2010 
New Equipment: Haake Minilab : Mini-Extruder for mixing of polymer blends or nano-composites Jul 2010 
New Equipment: Anionic vacuum line : Extension of our synthetic capacities Jun 2010 
Capillary Rheology: Sensitivity of commercial available instrument improved by two orders of magnitude  Mar 2010 
Elongation Rheology, CaBER (Capillary Breakup Elongational Rheometer) sucessfully extended to included force measurement  Jan 2010 
New Equipment: Hecus S3-Micro: Small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) for solids and liquids in joint effort and due to start up money from the Barner-Kowollik group Nov 2010 
New Equipment: TA-Instruments ARES G2, a new high-class rheometer with especially high sensitivity for melts and liquids and integrated FT-Rheology  Okt 2009 
2nd Meeting Alumni and Cooperation Partner Sep 2009
Visit of Prof. R. Grubbs Jun 2009
FT (Fourier Transform) Rheology commercial available  Mai 2009 
Weihnachtsfeier 2008 Dez 2008
Institutsseminar/Exkursion Flehingen Sep 2008
Kinder-Uni / Children at the university Okt 2007
1st Meeting Alumni and Cooperation Partner Sep 2007
Antrittsvorlesung Prof. Wilhelm (inaugural lecture)  Feb 2007