Boysen-Preis for Hr. Dr. Johannes Höpfner

On Jan 15th 2015, Dr. Johannes Höpfner received the Boysen-Price 2014 for his dissertation at the KIT.  Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ellen Ivers-Tiffée, Head of the Institute of Materials for Electrical and Electronic Engineering at KIT and board member of the Boysen foundation, performed the awards ceremony during a scientific meeting of the Karlsruhe Chemical Society.

Since 1996, the Boysen-Stiftung supports science at German universities. In addition, they award prices for excellent diploma works or dissertations in environmental technology.

Laureate in 2014 (award in 2015)

Dr.-rer. nat. Johannes Höpfner

"A new method of seawater desalination via acrylic acid based hydrogels: Synthesis, characterisation, and experimental realization"