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Presentation of the entropy wheel at the Hanover Fair
Hannovermesse 15.4.2015
Hannovermesse 15.4.2015

Presentation at the Hannover Messe Energy trade fair 2015

The current design of the entropy wheel has been presented at the Hannover Messe Energy trade fair (Hall 2, Research 6 Technology, C22) in 2015.

The current version uses springs based on shape-memory alloys (Nitinol) demonstrating an unexpected application area for this material class: energy recovery. In cooperation with our partners (Ingpuls GmbH and LWW, University of Bochum) the shape memory alloys will be optimized for this special application.

The main market potential of an engine like the entropy wheel is to be seen in the energy recovery of industrial waste heat. Therefore the energy market in the future is an topic of interest. Though the nuclear power phase-out is decided and the investment volume for renewable energy is high, energy recovery is a future market.