The group focuses on polymeric materials, their molecular structure and the resulting macroscopic material properties. In addition, the enhancement of characterisation techniques builds the base of our research. An important part are the synthetic capabilities of the group allowing to structure well-defined polymers with variable composition of monomers and controlled topology. Model systems are a prerequisite to study structure-property relationships.

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You are interested in synthesis of polymers, characterisation methods or even the development of such methods? You want to work in an interdisplinary group?

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Award Rheological ActaRheological Acta
Announcement Publication Award Rheological Acta

The Publication of Valerian Hirschberg of our Group

"Nonlinear mechanical behavior of elastomers under tension/tension fatigue deformation as determined by Fourier transform" (DOI 10.1007/s00397-021-01310-3 )

will be awarded with the Publication Award of the journal "Rheological Acta" in 2022. The award ceremony will take place at the AERC conference 2022, April in Seville.

Justification from the Editorial commitee was:
"This paper extends the well-established techniques of non-linear shear rheology analyzed by Fourier-Transformation (FT-rheology) to the domain of elongation, which broadens the concept and is the logical next step. This new technique in terms of higher harmonic analysis has been shown to detect fatigue in elongation quicker than classical complex moduli, thus giving it not only a fundamental scientific interest but also making it highly relevant for practical applications of hyperelastic materials.”

Akademie der Wissenschaften, MainzAkademie der Wissenschaften, Mainz
Academy of Sciences

Jan 2022: Prof. Dr. Manfred Wilhelm has been appointed as a member of the Academy of Sciences in Mainz!

The Academy of Sciences and Literature, Mainz, founded in 1949, offers its members a place for dialogue that focuses on interdisciplinary exchange, as well as the opportunity to realise long-term projects that serve basic research.

Bild Workadventurec Nico Dingenouts
Alumni-Meeting in Virtual Way

The "One and Only Virtual" Alumni Meeting 2021 as a virtual event!

Via a Digital Conference Center (Adaption of work-adventure) all guest could walk around to see each other, enter the lecture room as well as the three labs where a labtour took place.
And they could meet each other in the meeting point area for small talks in between the program, small groups of up to 5 people could make small video talks with each other when they meet "digitally" in the conference center.

More than 80 alumni and guest from over 16 countries took the "virtual chance" to take part in our regulary Alumni-Meeting.

Hegewald&Peschke-Zug-Dehnc Nico Dingenouts
New Equipment: Stress-Strain

A Universal testing machine from Hegewald&Peschke offering wide-range temperture control, long elongation path for ductile polymers, static testing according DIN, but also dynamic testing